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Amsterdam- A City of Tulips

by Richa G 31. May 2013 09:10

Capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam is a beautiful destination on the World tourism map. The city has gained a lot of popularity for its unique network of canals that criss-cross across the city. The fascinating shopping district is famous among shopping enthusiasts. Moreover, its unique architectural splendor makes it a culturally rich destination. The friendly people of this place welcome tourists with a broad smile and open arms. The warm attitude of the people touches the heart of visitors coming here.

Amsterdam is well connected with major cities of the world. Major airlines fly to this destination, and many of them offer cheap flight tickets. There is no dearth of activities to indulge in this world class city. Visitors must plan their vacations well in advance and enjoy cheap tickets offered by several full service airlines. History and culture enthusiasts can plan their travel according to the key events happening in the city and enjoy fabulous deals. The money thus saved can be used to visit some stunning sights in the city or to indulge in various tourism activities offered by the destination. The scintillating night life of the place further enhances the attraction of the place.

Weather is a pivotal factor that needs to be kept in mind while planning a vacation in this destination. During perfect weather and climatic conditions, the flight tickets become quite expensive and difficult to get hold of. This is the reason, in case travel dates have been finalized to this destination, immediately flights must be booked. This way one gets best seats with attractive deals. In off season, flight tickets get exceptionally cheap and are perfect for the cost conscious travelers, though extremely unfavorable weather must be avoided. There is no sense visiting this place during times when weather is at its worst. One will stay cooped up in hotel rooms and the entire vacation will go wrong.

Since a maritime climate is enjoyed by this destination, the climate is moderate at most of the times. Summers are mild while the winters are cool. January-February months must be avoided as these are the coldest months in the city, though for booking cheap tickets, this is the perfect time as the flight tickets are at their all time low during this time. May to August is the best time to visit this place and enjoy the world famous tulips blooming in the city. They can be seen in various hues and colors. Thus, cheap tickets to Amsterdam bring nature lovers a treat to enjoy.

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