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Athens - A city rich in culture and history!

by Richa G 31. May 2013 09:10

Athens is a beautiful destination that has gained a lot of popularity for its rich culture, history and traditions. This European destination offers a beautiful holiday. Old mythological beliefs make this place unique. The city has a magical influence, and it is believed to be worshiped by Gods. The city is blessed with sun shine through the year and for tourists, especially, it is a perfect place to visit at any time of the year. If one is planning to visit this destination for the purpose of tourism, it is recommended to book flight tickets well in advance. Besides prominent airlines, there are many other low fare airlines that ply their services to this destination.

Believed to be a place where modern civilization came into existence, Athens is known to offer a wide array of attractions to the tourists coming here. Cheap flights and availability of inexpensive tickets offer an opportunity to save money on travel expenses. The saved money can be utilized for various tourism related activities and shopping.

Breathtaking sites and views have made Athens immensely popular. Ancient architectural splendors mixed with contemporary style enthrall tourists who have a remarkable affinity for the culture and traditions of the place. Glorious landscapes further enhance the attraction and appeal of this beautiful destination. There are many holy spots in Athens and horde of tourists visits them. In order to visit all these places, private taxis or cabs need to be hired. A lot of money is needed in private taxis and the money saved on cheap flight tickets can be utilized for taxi hires and sightseeing tours.

The beauty of Psyri and Thission appeals tourists in large numbers. The deluging beauty of these places touches tourist’s heart. A stroll in the neighborhood areas will offer a chance to relax and admire the beautiful, scenic landscapes of this culturally rich destination. Budget conscious travelers can enjoy various schemes and discounts offered by airlines and cheap tickets on low fare airlines to witness the beauty of this destination. While taking a stroll in the city, one can notice age old stately mansions, standing guard to the erstwhile era as a mute remembrance of the bygone times. Enchanting beauty of Athens is never enough for the tourists coming here.

These days, availability of many cheap flights offering affordable tickets has increased the number of tourists planning to visit this mesmerizing destination. Since tourists are able to save a lot of money by booking cheap tickets, they are in a position to use this money on varied tourism related activities.

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