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Explore the city of Frankfurt by going on an extensive tour

by Richa G 4. June 2013 05:25

Its futuristic skyline, airport layovers and towering banks make Frankfurt a very famous city. However, these are not all there is to this place. Besides business, the city’s delicious cuisine, urban beaches and literary lore are also among the many enticements that Frankfurt offers.

Save money on your flights to Frankfurt so that you don’t shy away from spending at the restaurants of the place. The talented chefs of the city prepare Hessen specialties with a modern twist. There are many restaurants and food joints that offer mouth-watering delicacies. For instance, you will be pleasantly surprised by the Druckwasserwerk Restaurant. Don’t forget to taste the city’s special green sauce, prepared using seven herbs.

Around one-third population of Frankfurt isn’t German. Thus, there are people from all over the world. You are sure to find people who speak your language and restaurants which make your local food. The ambiance of the city is friendly and hospitable, stemming from its role of a trading center, which it has been playing for centuries. Such liberty and democracy have ensured that people from different cultures live here together peacefully. All of them are responsible for what Frankfurt is today.

Make sure you get cheap flight tickets so that you can visit the many museums of Frankfurt and explore its wonderful high-rise architecture. The architecture is just as attractive as it used to be in earlier times, and the museums house a variety of masterpieces, including both classical and modern paintings.

Arrange cheap tickets to Frankfurt beforehand so that you can spend a night or two in the luxurious hotels of the city. There is one Hotel Hessischer Hof, which the Princess and Prince of Hesse own. It has a famous piano bar, grandfather clocks and Persian rugs filling its warm, welcoming lobby. There is Roomers, a defiantly chic place with its beer garden and rooftop spa. Here you can relish everything from Katz pastrami sandwiches to the most delicious oysters.

When in Frankfurt, it’s a must for you to visit the Frankfurt opera house, known by the title ‘Opera House of the Year’. It provides the most beautifully artistic performances. The Frankfurt theater gives high-quality productions and also excellent co-productions. Make sure you take advantage of the city’s lively theater scene.

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