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Here’s why you should travel to Fort Lauderdale

by Richa G 4. June 2013 05:25

Besides sitting on the beach, there are many other things you can do in Fort Lauderdale. You can go on a calm boat ride through its canals, have food in a local restaurant and go shopping on Las Olas Boulevard.

Buy cheap tickets to Fort Lauderdale as early as possible so that you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks while staying at the B Ocean Fort Lauderdale boutique hotel. It is located on the quiet portion of the beach and is packed with bars which serve frozen pina coladas. You will also find shops brimming with sand pails and umbrellas. In its grassy front yard there are palm trees and benches where you can relax. The best part of this location is its closeness to the waters.

Take a Water Taxi to have a wonderful open-air site-seeing experience through Fort Lauderdale. On board, you shall get maps which enlist all the attractions and restaurants found on the twelve stops of the ride. You will be taken through Millionaire’s Row, where you’ll be astounded by the lovely mansions placed in the canals and modern yachts outside almost each one of them. If you arrange cheap flight tickets beforehand, you can also enjoy a nighttime airboat ride across the Everglades. Don’t get scared if your search-light captures the glowing eyes of an alligator!

A trip to Fort Lauderdale is incomplete without a trip to the mind-blowing Butterfly World. It is the most unique way to spend some time in the lap of nature. There are a minimum of 10000 butterflies to be found here, covering over 150 species. Some of these are seasonal so you’ll only see them during specific times of the year. Thus, time your travel accordingly. However, whenever you may visit, at least 50 species will be there to welcome you. The best part of this place is that unlike in a zoo, here you can directly inspect the habitat of butterflies.

Fort Lauderdale has plenty of restaurants and eateries offering mouth-watering food, so make sure you save enough on your cheap tickets to Fort Lauderdale. B Ocean’s B’stro on the Beach offers an oatmeal crème brûlée unlike any other in the world. Then there is the Cheese Culture, which tempts customers by writing its specialties on a blackboard placed outdoors. The Saia restaurant is also a place you shouldn’t miss if you are in for a night filled with entertainment.

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