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Airlines try innovative means to charge customers, mint money

by Richa 16. October 2013 07:16

The aviation industry is reeling under stiff competition. Tough competition, monetary issues, passenger demands, in-flight amenities, and other services are a few factors that are eating into their customers. The availability of options to travel with an alternative carrier is making it difficult for the airlines to attract customers and hence sustain themselves. Therefore, many airlines have devised innovative means to mint money from their customers in a bid to remain in the flying league.

Small airlines like Spirit Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and Allegiant Air have started imposing various kinds of charges on carry-on bags. Most big players are yet to follow suit but these small players have set the ball rolling. These budget airlines have recognized carry-on bags as a great prospective to earn those extra bucks. The big players are probably refraining themselves from the fray for a simple reason that they want to set their status apart from the low-cost carriers. Second reason is the fact that they do not wish to levy extra charges on the elite customers flying business class with them. This move is sure to earn the ire of these so-called privileged customers.

A few have gone ahead to charge customers for priority boarding. Standing in long queues and waiting for their turns to check-in is certainly a pain for some customers. Well, they now have a superb chance to gauge through these long and unending queues by paying at special check-in counters. Giant players like American Airlines and United Airlines have made travel a little more comfortable for their customers by giving them the choice of priority boarding albeit with a fee. All for the sake of making travel more easy and convenient!

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