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Spirit Airlines mulling new kind of checked-bag fee

by Admin 18. November 2013 09:00

It is common knowledge that some low-cost carriers are basing airline ticket prices on demand. And, this has happening at a frenetic pace. The customers have also been expecting for quite some time that traveling the day after a holiday would be more expensive than traveling midweek before it. But as the low-cost carriers continue to be at some trick or the other to increase fees and earn big revenues, have you ever thought of the very fact that even basing ticket prices on checked-bag fees on demand would be implemented. Yes, this sound as much true and might soon become a reality. Thanks to the ultra low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines which charges fee for almost all its services!

Spirit Airlines has a fee for virtually everything. The airline prides itself in making the largest chunk of its revenues from fees alone. Spirit Airlines’ modus operandi is unlikely to change in the future, and it will continue to find itself in difficulty by showing up on time and keeping its customers happy.    

Sprit Airlines has indicated that it is now devising a new plan on how to levy a fee with its new idea. The airline is seriously considering a plan under which it is going to charge a higher rate to check a bag or pick a seat on a flight during a peak travel day, such as right before or after a holiday. The airline will however continue to keep the fees lower on a less-full flight, perhaps in the middle of the week. Media reports quoted Ben Baldanza, CEO of Spirit Airlines, as saying that the airline has been thinking about this for a while, but it is yet to arrive at a final conclusion.

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