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Kudos to British Airways for its terrific billboard ad

by Richa 26. November 2013 04:28

British Airways is touching new skies. Well not, just in terms of the fact that it is expanding and launching new routes, and purchasing swanky aircrafts but for its innovation too. The airline has recently touched the epitome of novelty with its billboard ad placed at London’s popular Piccadilly Circus.

The airline, which operates out of its main hub in London, has placed a billboard that has caught the fancy of the passer bys. Pedestrians cannot stop peeping into the billboard every time they cross paths with it. The ordinary-looking billboard sports a boy pointing a finger at the sky. The ad instructs you to glance upwards. Wow! The minute you look, there is a plane flying by. In addition, no the ad does not request you to go ahead and book a seat with the airline. In fact, it guides you about the real time plane passing by. The billboard displays information about the plane like its flight number and the destination. The striking ad is in a way, efforts by the airline to make its presence felt.

The video billboard with that small boy is fancy, novel, and creative at the same time. Courtesy the magical effects of the GPS system. Launched in Chiswick, the second of its kind is set to decorate the buzzing West End intersection in the coming weeks. This ad is indeed a perfect example of interactive advertising in the modern times.

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Tags: billboard ad, british airways, piccadilly circus

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