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Emirates’ expansion is a loss for many U.S. based airlines

by Richa 3. December 2013 02:45

Gulf carriers are making it big on the international circuit. Airlines like Emirates, Qatar, and Etihad have emerged as major players in the international market. In fact, some bigger airlines in the United States and Europe deem these carriers as a concern.

At present, Emirates, the largest of the gulf carriers has already made its mark by establishing itself as the top international carrier based on its passenger traffic. The airline has bigger expansion plans in the near future, therefore, is constantly making additions to its existing massive fleet. Big commercial players like American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines do not seem to be bothered at the moment courtesy the geographic dividing them.

The gulf carriers have however, managed to use their position to benefit the connecting routes to destinations in Australia, Asia, and South America via their hubs. Emirates operates out of its hub in Dubai and has exploited its position for its own benefit. Many passengers break their journey in Dubai to fly to their final destinations. The airline has been using the opportunity for its personal gains over the years.

Not all do however, agree that Emirates is not a real concern for the airlines operating out of the United States. Many believe that the airline will, in the times to come, inflict wounds on the commercial airlines of the U.S. by eating into their routes thereby posing an open challenge. Emirates intends to offer nonstop flights to several destinations across the United States, and also to Europe and Asia. Currently it operates flights between New York and Milan, which is a big business center for the United States.

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