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Ryan Air relaxes baggage limit and lowers punishment fee

by Richa 9. December 2013 01:24

Ryan Air, the no frills airline of Ireland has a surprise for its travelers. The news may sound hard to believe but in all circumstances, it is true. The low-cost carrier announced its plan to alter its baggage policy. Some travelers dismissed the news as hoax until of course, they read it officially on their own. The changes made refer to the carry-on baggage.

In the recent past, a spat of unprecedented incidents have maligned the image of the airline. Some travelers have even branded the airline as money minting, and opportunist. Many believe the airline is least focused on customer satisfaction. The only thing, which, matters, is money. In a bid to perhaps, cleanse its tarnished image, it has come up with this decision. Passengers will now be able to carry hand baggage weighing not more than 10kg, and hold it, along with a second carry-on item. The catch is-Its Free!

Well, that is not it! There is more from the airline. On one hand, it is easing its baggage policy, on the other, it has decided to reduce the punishment fee for passengers who fail to print their boarding cards from home. It will now charge more affordable €15/$20 as fee rather than the earlier €70/$95 for the same. It also plans to launch mobile boarding cards in April 2014 along with assigned seats in February 2014.

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