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British Airways to allow use of mobile phones on board the flight

by amit.uniyal 20. December 2013 03:51

If you are traveling on a European carrier and eager to use your mobile phones, smart phones or other electronic gadgets whenever you want to throughout your flight, then here’s good news that’s sure to make you happy. British Airways has now become the first European carrier to allow its customers make use of their handheld electronic devices throughout their flight. Effective from 19th December 2013, the airline permitted its customers to use their electronic gadgets be it mobile phone, e-reader or iPod during taxi, departure or arrival on the condition that the device is in ‘flight mode’.

British Airways had so far been permitting its customers to use their electronic devices only during the ‘cruise phase’ or when the aircraft was flying above 10,000 feet. But with the new policy being effectively in use, the customers boarding British Airways flights would now be allowed to make phone calls, and send and receive text messages, after the aircraft has landed and left the runway.

The European Aviation Safety Agency had recently said that the tablets and smartphones could be safely used during landing and take-off. Even the U.S. Federal Aviation Authority had favored the use of gadgets on board the flights and sought easing of the rules.

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