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Nutrition survey grades U.S. carriers, others for healthier food

by amit.uniyal 26. December 2013 07:49

A nutrition survey published recently has rated U.S. and other international carriers on the basis of healthier foods that they had been providing to their customers on board the flights. The study pointed out that though all airlines are not reputed for serving great food, there are still some of them that definitely provide healthier food than what is provided by other airlines in their comparison. The survey is conducted every year by a renowned dietician named Charles Platkin.

Media reports citing the survey said that the survey is primarily conducted by dietician Charles Platkin each year in which nutritional information is provided about the meals that are served to the economy class passengers on domestic flights. The airline’s food was rated on a five-star scale, with five star being given to the healthiest food provided. Accordingly, the survey rated Virgin America and Air Canada among the top as they came out with flying colors with 4½ stars each. However, Allegiant Air and Frontier Airlines performed poorly with a rating of 1½ star each. Southwest Airlines and Spirit Airlines received 2 stars. Other carriers like American Airlines, US Airways and Delta Air Lines performed appreciably somewhere in the middle.  

Dr. Platkin said that Virgin America continues to do a fantastic job by providing healthier meals to its customers just like it did in the past year. He said that the airline offered its customers a range of snack boxes and healthy meals. Air Canada also offered snack items of higher calorie. Alaska Airlines was closely behind Air Canada in providing the healthier Mediterranean Tapas box.

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