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Singapore Airlines simplifying end-to-end travel process to UK

by amit.uniyal 29. January 2014 04:50

If you are traveling to the UK from Singapore, your end-to-end travel experience is about to be simplified and you will be able to fly as well as travel on rail on a single booking. Simple, isn’t it! Singapore Airlines has recently announced partnership with First Great Western and Heathrow Express to provide a simplified travel experience to those traveling to any of the destinations served by Singapore Airlines from London Heathrow on a single booking in the UK.

According to Singapore Airlines, this unique partnership has been formed to simplify the overall travel experience of the customers allowing them to travel to several cities in the south west of the UK to any of the destinations being currently served by Singapore Airlines from London Heathrow on a single booking. This tie-up among the three companies would be convenient for passengers as well since they would not be required to make three separate bookings and instead travel on a single ticket.

Singapore Airlines said that under this unique Rail-Fly partnership the customers who start their travel at any one of 11 railway stations in the UK would be able to travel as far as Brisbane in Australia on a single booking. For example, through this kind of booking a customer would be able to travel by rail with First Great Western to London Paddington from Bristol, catch the Heathrow Express service to London Heathrow, and finally take Singapore Airlines flight to Brisbane via Singapore Changi Airport – and that too, all on the same booking.

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