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Revamped SFO Terminal 3 presents new look

by amit.uniyal 30. January 2014 10:40

If you might have traveled on American Airlines out of San Francisco International Airport’s Terminal 3, and ready to take another flight out of the airport then you are surely in for a surprise. You will be amazed to see the brand new Terminal 3. The old terminal looked something like this: a long corridor with 10 gates featuring a low, acoustic-tile ceiling with fluorescent lighting, rows of generic, black plastic-covered seats and black-and-white signs with gate numbers, and crowded newsstands and restaurants wedged between the gates. Now, all these have simply vanished, and a swanky, brand new terminal has taken its place visibly pleasing the air travelers.

John Martin, Director at San Francisco International Airport, said that the customers can now look forward to a lot of luxury perks that customers usually would not expect to find at an airport. He said that the revamped San Francisco International Airport terminal provides more amenities than before.

Martin said that the new Boarding Area E, also called Terminal 3E, is light, bright and ultramodern. The ceiling in the main corridor has now been increased 20 to 30 feet with scope for plenty of natural light. A 23-foot-tall picture window at the end of a walkway provides a panoramic view of the runways. The terminal looks even more picturesque with a dangling sculpture of giant metallic globes reflecting the sunset and bustle of the airport.

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