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Airline Industry across the World to Soar High In 2014

by amit.uniyal 10. February 2014 04:58

As per a recent report the worst is over for the global airline industry. The industry has overcome the recession and is finally expecting maximum profitability in the year 2014. All thanks to the increasing air travel demand and static air fuel prices.

This is great news for not just the stake holders but even for passengers. As the airlines will do everything possible to not only maintain its existing share of passengers but will also try and allure new passengers towards them. The airline industry has grown exponentially over the decade and there are several low cost as well as big network carriers flourishing simultaneously. There is stiff competition amongst them resulting in maximum consumer benefit. In order to keep customers happy and loyal towards them all the airlines are making sure that they keep on adding to their services and amenities.

International Air Transport Association, a Geneva based association has anticipated that global airline industry will make a total profit of over $19.7 billion in 2014 alone. This profit is mainly because the year 2013 has witnessed mergers of some very big US airlines companies helping them increase profit margins by ruling out competition and surplus services.

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