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Lufthansa to offer onboard phone service this year

by amit.uniyal 14. February 2014 09:02

Deutsche Lufthansa AG or Lufthansa has pleasant news for its travelers. It is set to pave way for the use of mobile phones onboard its flights this year. The news comes as a surprise to the travelers as Europe’s largest airline will allow the use of this service on its flights on more than 100 aircrafts operating its long-distance flights.

The airline believes to stay ahead in competition and hence is innovating different means to put its best foot forward. The latest announcement has spread a wave of joy and happiness amongst its travelers. Once the service is incorporated, passengers will be able to use their personal devices in the flight. They can use their mobile handsets to make calls and send text messages even when they are flying 30,000 feet above ground. The thrill and excitement is hence uncontainable.

The German airline already has its Lufthansa Flynet system in place. It has teamed up with Aeromobile, GSM supplier for this service. In fact, the airline has already fitted the Flynet system on eight of its Airbus A330 airlines.

The airline has already received its Boeing 747-8 Dreamliner equipped with the Aeromobile system. The delivery was received at Frankfurt airport. The Aeromobile system will allow the passengers to use their mobile devices in roaming mode just like the way it would work on the ground. The airline has collaborated with more than 240 mobile service providers for the roaming arrangements. The passengers will soon benefit from the latest offering from the major German airline in the coming times.

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