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Airline industry set for happy times ahead in 2014

by amit.uniyal 19. February 2014 21:44

There is good news for the global airline industry. Going by the facts, figures, and even performances in the bygone year, the industry should expect happy times ahead in this year. However, two prime factors to be credited for the joyous news include mounting travel demand and steady fuel prices.

Though the news is happy for the airline management, top-level executives, investors, and shareholders only time will tell as to who will ultimately benefit in the end. It is not even evident as when will these profits be passed down.

On the other side, the airlines may even go ahead and decide to cut down fare prices. Passengers should hope for the best and pray that the airlines take a few decisions in their favor. Another, good news is that analysts expect the big players not to fiddle much with the fare pricing owing to still and steady competition from the budget carriers. The constant pressures on big daddies of the open skies will be forced to keep the thought of hiking the fares at bay, at least this year!

This year passengers should stop bothering about price rise on airline tickets and plan that much awaited holiday with their loved ones anywhere in the world. Some experts even suggest that airlines will rather invest in the comforts of the passengers. They are set to divert their energies into refurbishing the existing seats by making them more spacious, enhancing the entertainment options, and innovating their onboard menus.

All these factors will count in their favor and the major airlines around the world will together accumulate profits of $19.7 billion in 2014, exceeding their previous high of $19.2 billion in 2010.

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