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Demand for onboard Wi-Fi services benefit companies like Gogo

by amit.uniyal 20. February 2014 06:14

The airline industry across the world is doing good business. At present over one million commercial airlines, offer flights to different destinations worldwide every year. Within the United States, itself about 87,000 flights ply on several routes every single day. These flights include commercial passenger service airlines, private jets, as well as air taxis. The number of rising demands is good news for these airlines that are set to do good business this year.

With the rising number of passenger demand, the requirement for onboard services including Wi-Fi, music, and videos too sharpens. Passengers booking airline tickets worldwide prefer to book with the ones that are innovative for the satisfaction of their customers. Currently, Gogo, a pioneer in offering onboard internet services is in high demand. More and more commercial airlines are turning towards the company in order to benefit from its services. The company was born out a business idea in one of the barbecue restaurants in the state of Texas.

It was however, noticed in 2008 after it aggressively launched different Internet schemes on various commercial airlines. That was just the beginning for it. In June 2013, the minor company launched its IPO and today is one of the leading Internet providers in the sky. Ever since, its shares have witnessed an upward movement of about 24 percent. Companies like Gogo help airlines innovate with their services and experiment with business ideas that at first instance sound bizarre.

Since it played its card at the right time, today it stands amongst the leaders in the business of offering in-flight Wi-Fi. At present, its services are available on more than 2,000 aircrafts. Its business is predominantly spread across North America and it enjoys a large chunk in the market of about 80 percent. Though it has proved its mettle here, it has a lot of scope to penetrate into the unknown segments and make its presence felt.

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