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CNN Predicts Pilot Shortage Due To Increased Air Travel Demand

by amit.uniyal 25. February 2014 04:13

As per the latest CNN report Asia Pacific aviation industry is going to boom by 35 percent in the coming two decades and this boom is going to come with a greater BOOM as it predicts huge pilot shortage.

If these predictions come true, then air travel industry is in for serious trouble. In order to curb the air travel demand Asia Pacific aviation industry will have to add nearly 13000 aircrafts. This directly means that the demand of pilots is also going to shoot up manifolds. With this comes the mother of all questions. Do we have enough pilots to fly these aircrafts and the answer is a big NO.

Bony Sharma, vice president of Mil-Com Aerospace Group, a Singapore-based aviation training company said there are nearly 100 pilot training schools in the Asia Pacific region. And they are not sufficient to churn out the number of pilots the aviation industry is looking out for. Even if another 100  flying schools getstarted, the situation will still be as acute as it is now.

Randy Tinseth, vice president of marketing for Boeing Commercial Airplanes said liaisons and partnership needs to be strived with the Government, airlines and flying schools to come together and come up with a training syllabus that helps the future pilots in their training. He further said we will be able to curb this problem the moment we are able to improve our technology towards offering stimulation based pilot certification training.

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