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Food fight breaks out in airline industry as passengers benefit

by amit.uniyal 4. March 2014 06:07

Air travelers never had it before as it is now! Just relax and regale over the tiff that is prompting airlines to bend over backwards to keep the passengers’ appetite satiated on board their flights. These days a food fight is currently ensuing in the U.S. airline industry.

Gone are those days when airlines only vied with each other to provide the best seats and cheap airfares. These apart, major airlines in the United States are now vigorously trying to promote many other services as well. These services in which the airlines are heavily investing of late include food, in-flight entertainment and airport lounges. The airlines in their game of one-upmanship are trying to attract more and more passengers to fly with them.

The California-based carrier Virgin America has unveiled a new menu for its premium customers traveling in first class. The new gourmet menu includes hors d’oeuvres of mozzarella skewer, olive, marinated artichoke heart and roasted tomato, served along with mixed nuts that are slightly warmed. Virgin America also introduced three options for its signature dessert – the ice cream flavor, and asked the fliers to vote and make known their preferences.

Leading U.S. carriers like United Airlines and Delta Air Lines are also not to be left behind in the food race. United Airlines introduced its new menu for its privileged customers. The airline is now providing new zero-protein dishes, which includes salad dressing. The airline is also providing nut bars and fruit, as well as snack boxes, along with these dishes.
In February this year, Delta Air Lines made its menu quite interesting by adding many low-calorie wrap sandwiches on its transcontinental flights. The chip cookies prepared with multi-seed coconut chocolate are accompanied with the wraps.

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