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Best U.S. carriers worth considering for family travel

by amit.uniyal 10. March 2014 11:25

This is absolutely good news for traveling families who consider flying with their kids is worrisome. It is true that flying with your kids usually proves to be a troublesome experience. But, not any more now! This may sound music to your ears. And, it’s quite true.

There are some airlines that should be considered by traveling families just because of the pre-boarding and other amenities that they have to offer. Flying with these airlines ensures an enjoyable experience for you as well as your kids.

In the present era when no-frills, low-fare carriers are ruling the skies, it has become nearly impossible for traveling families to fly along with their kids. But, nowadays airlines are making their best efforts to make flying hassle free for such families.
Here are some carriers in the United States considered to be the best for family travel. The top three carriers for traveling families are JetBlue Airways, Delta Air Lines and Virgin America.

JetBlue Airways offers pre-boarding for families traveling with kids aged 2 and under. All the flights are equipped with changing tables. JetBlue Airways is also among the first carriers to install DirecTV with free children’s programming.

Delta Air Lines has something else to offer to traveling families other than pre-boarding, which might not be usually available. At $5 per kid a PB&J sandwich, fruit and veggies are offered. The airline has also installed seat-back TVs on its aircraft with convenient access to kid-friendly programming networks.

Virgin America has positioned itself as a fun airline and a good option for traveling families. The airline offers pre-boarding for families flying with children under 5. The airline also offers extra diapers during mid-flight in case you need it. Kid-friendly programming and games are among the entertainment options provided by the airline.

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