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The unknown and intriguing facts about Madam Tussauds

by amit.uniyal 13. March 2014 05:13

Madam Tussauds is one name that travelers to the city of London are familiar with. While the world is aware of the fact that the popular wax museum is one of the striking and popular attractions in the British capital, there are many intriguing facts that the people are not aware of. Established in the year 1884, this place houses life size wax structures of popular celebrities including Albert Einstein, Charlie Chaplin, Kate Winslet, Amitabh Bachchan, Spider Man, Jennifer Lopez, Queen Elizabeth II, Lady Diana, David Beckham, and Barack Obama. While there is a lot of mystery and fascination, surrounding the museum let us look at some of the little-known facts about this museum. It has branches across 14 cities in the world including New York, Berlin, Sydney, and Hollywood.

Madame Anna Maria Tussaud was for real
Though the world knows about this place, what most of us are unaware about is the fact that Madame Anna Maria Tussaud was a house cleaner for Dr. Philippe Curtius. He used to make wax models to demonstrate anatomy and it is here that she picked up the art and become more famous than her mentor in the future.

The statues use real human hair
Though the statues at this museum are made of wax, what most of us do know that the hair on them is real. Yes, the hair on these statues including head, mustache, beard, and eyebrows is human hair. What’s more interesting is that the hair needs to be shampooed and styled regularly! In the year 1996, the staff was shocked to find that Hitler’s hair had actually grown and required trimming urgently.

Visitors do leave behind their items
Staffers at the museum are amazed to find different items left behind by the visitors. Among other things, some of the most intriguing items found at the museum include false leg, and 123 pairs of artificial teeth. These items have been discovered in the last five years!

A bomb ripped through the museum in 1940
In the history of the museum, unfortunately a bomb ripped through the property in the year 1940. More than 350 head casts were damaged in the attack, thus leaving the museum with additional workload.

Ozzy Osbourne scared the visitors
John Michael Osbourne, the famous rock star and TV personality popularly known as Ozzy Osbourne, once scared visitors. On a trip to the New York branch of the museum in 2010, he decided to pose as a wax statue and had the unsuspicious visitors screaming in fear. He posed on a bench and when a few gullible visitors stopped by for a photograph, he jumped up to scare the hell of out them!

Mother Teresa refused to be immortalized in wax
Mother Teresa was once approached by the Madame Tussauds Museum for her wax statue. However, to the horror and shock of the authorities she refused blatantly! She argued her work is more important for her rather than her physical self. She is the first in the history of the museum to refuse the museum to be immortalized in wax!

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