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Accra: A Day at Makola Market

by amit.uniyal 19. March 2014 08:01

Accra is the popular gateway into the African nation of Ghana. The capital city reflects images from a modern and well-developed society. It is nothing like some of us believes it to be. A progressive city, Accra is one of the most frequented cities in the African continent. The city has many admirers and travelers from different parts of the world flock to its premises each day. The Kotoka International Airport in the city caters to the travelers visiting here. The city is blessed with a few very beautiful natural and man-made attractions some of which include Lake Volta, Kakum National Park, Cape Coast Castle, and Labadi Beach. However, there is one place that none of the travelers should skip during their visit to the city and it is the Makola Market.

Mokola Market is situated deep in the heart of the lively Accra city. This market place is one of the most popular shopping districts located within the capital city’s limits. It is the one stop-shop for all the locals as well as the foreign travelers. Whether you are looking for fresh vegetables or meat, clothing, accessories, artifacts, gadgets, or livestock, this is just the right place to hit! The market is a mix of the old and the modern, where one can find something as mundane as food grains to as technologically advance as a Smartphone. Like its character, the market is flooded with people from different strata of the society, who at this point are united by common interests.

However, the uniqueness of this market lies in the fact that female sellers dominate the space here. The sight of women marketers calling out to their customers, and bargaining with them to sell their products at a convenient price is delightful. The picture is contrary to the belief that women in the country are suppressed.

The spectacular sight at the colorful market adorned with gorgeous jewelry made of handcrafted beads is magnificent! After all, where does one get to witness incredible African accessories? Other hot selling items here include imported food items, medicines, daily utensils, various apparatus, and footwear. The market is usually flooded with traders and buyers during the daytime. The best time however, to visit this place is early morning hours when it is relatively less crowded and people have just started swarming in.

The market has been ruling the heart of the Ghanaian people ever since it came into being in the year 1924. Until the August of 1979, it continued to serve the purpose of its existence when suddenly it was demolished. The then government believed a lot of banned items were being sold openly in the market and thus favored its destruction. However, today it represents the economics and an integral part of the everyday life in Accra. To this date, this market has featured on various travel shows depicting the true spirit of the city. While touring this chaotic market place one should not forget to relish the local drink named as Palm Wine. On one hand, you can utilize your marketing skills to bargain and shop to your heart’s content. On the other hand, you need to be aware of touts, follow market etiquettes, and of course beware of pickpockets and thieves!

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