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Buenos Aires gears to dance to the tunes of World Tango Festival

by amit.uniyal 24. March 2014 10:28

Buenos Aires the capital city of Argentina is one of the main gateways into the popular South American country. The city also serves, as the country’s largest and is a popular tourist resort here. Credited with the birth of Tango, a world popular dance form, Argentina is gearing to groove to the tunes of Tango, on dance floors across various venues this season. Buenos Aires is soon to play a gracious host to an exhilarating crowd in love with the dance ready to put on their dancing shoes here. The month of August is special this year for the city, as it will light up to the spectacular Tango dancing for a good two weeks. No matter whether one loves Tango or not, people are willing to come out in large numbers in support of their beloved dance.

Sneak peek into the brief history of the passionate Tango
Tango literally means touch in Latin. A passionate dance form, which was born on the borders of Argentina and Uruguay in the 1890s is today one of the most admired across the world. Previously Tango was known as Tango Criollo however, today one can come across a variety of styles of the same dance form throughout the world. Irrespectively, the closet to original form is still practiced in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay. In the year 2009, Tango was included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

World Tango Festival 2014
The sensual and passionate dance form is loved by dancers the world over. Since this dance shares its roots with Argentina, the country has decided to pay homage to its age-old legacy. As such, the World Tango Festival is all set to enthrall the capital city this year. A 14-days long extravaganza will set the dancing floors on fire with the enchanting performances from dancers flocking to the city from different parts of the globe. This exciting event is scheduled between August 13, 2014 and August 26, 2014. The news of the return of this festival to the city has already spread a wave of joy and people can hardly contain their excitement. Tango is not just a dance form, but for the people here it is a method of connecting to each other and a way of expressing their love. Throughout the festival, the city will come alive to an assortment of shows, concerts, free classes, open-air milongas, exhibitions et al. In case, you are planning a trip to the city around the same time, it would be a welcome change to participate in the pulsating event!

Head to the BA Exposition Center
As the dance competition opens to a roaring welcome and a warm reception, BA Exposition Center is the place to head to. This center is the venue for the much-awaited Tango competition where competitors will battle each other and deliver some of the world’s unforgettable performances. However, other events will be held everywhere including the city streets, literally! The city is preparing to witness a breathtaking series of events where the music and the performances will leave all speechless.

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