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Dubai Desert Safari - A fascinating glimpse into Bedouin life

by amit.uniyal 28. March 2014 09:31

The very idea of a safari conjures image of romanticism – of travel into mountains and jungles.  But, visiting a desert has its own thrills. This vast barren area of sand and sand dunes will mesmerize you endlessly. Just head for a desert safari to Dubai, and you are destined for an experience of a lifetime.

Before going on a desert safari, it would be good to seek a little knowledge about the desert and its topography. It will enhance your knowledge and make your safari quite enjoyable. Most of the people don’t really know much about the desert. The only brief knowledge that one has through geography books is that desert is a vast sea of barren land, with high temperatures and almost zero humidity. But, there is much more than this. The life in the desert and the scenery has some peculiar characteristics. The desert is widely known to support bare human existence and other life forms. Its topography is mostly comprises of rocky surfaces, sand and sand dunes. The vegetation here is sparse. Though, at some places oasis are found as well. The lifestyle of desert people is hard, but nevertheless provides a fascinating insight and develops keen interest in others, who have never seen a desert or just might be visiting for the first time.

If you are heading for a desert safari, Dubai is the place to visit. In earlier times, the people enjoyed safaris on camels. But times have drastically changed now. These days, the safari is conducted in a modern way with the advent of technology and machine on the scene. The desert safari in Dubai is conducted on a four-wheeled sturdy vehicle. The Toyota land cruiser is commonly used here for the safari. The vehicle is spacious and ensures that you don’t have to confront the desert heat with good air conditioning.  

There are many tour operators in Dubai who conduct a desert safari. You will be required to contact a tour operator and book a safari. The desert safari is usually conducted in a group of 6 and all are supposed to be traveling together. After you have booked your safari, the tour operator will pick you up from your place of residence early in the morning. All the six passengers gather at a point from where the fleet sets off for the desert journey. Vehicles are barred from going out alone as this might prove to be hazardous and may cost the person’s life.

The desert safari is quite a thrilling experience. The safari drives in to the desert going past through various sand dunes and finally converging on a camel farm. The visitors are then offered a short camel ride. They also get a glimpse into desert life and learn first-hand the way in which camels are bred. After a brief stay here, the visitors on the safari and brought to a Bedouin camp. It’s a wonderful experience out here. Here you are offered insight into the Bedouin life and how the nomads used to live in ancient times in the desert. The Bedouin camp is in fact located near an oasis, where you will be mesmerized with its romantic environs and cool waters. The visitors are treated to sumptuous barbecue dinner and entertained with belly dance by Lebanese girls. The duration of a desert safari usually varies from 5 to 6 hours. The Dubai desert safari is an enthralling experience indeed!

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