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Experiencing Bamboo River Rafting Adventure in Jamaica

by amit.uniyal 24. April 2014 08:56

Ever had a river raft experience! If not, then head to Jamaica right away to enjoy Bamboo River Rafting adventure in Montego Bay. This is absolutely the best place in the Caribbean nation to experience river rafting of a unique kind.

Climbing aboard a 30-foot bamboo raft is an awesome feeling in itself. This is indeed a thrilling experience for those experiencing it for the first time or who are frequent river rafting enthusiasts. An experienced raft captain will be at hand for you so that you can completely relax and enjoy your river rafting experience. Your captain will cruise down the beautiful jade-green shimmering waters of River Martha Brae. Enjoy the thrills of seeing the wildlife and natural beauty surrounding you on this real Jamaican tour.

jade-green shimmering waters of River Martha Brae

The wildlife in this area is not dangerous at all. So, you needn’t worry on this count. Just relax and get pleasurable moments see the flowers and trees. The sight of exotic birds, the pecking woodpeckers, and the gurgle of the river flowing along, is music to the ears and pleasant indeed.

Bamboo River Rafting adventure is simply fascinating. The brightly colored birds on the towering trees are sheer delight to watch while meandering on River Martha Brae. The refreshing breeze exudes a romantic aura around you while you blissfully coast down the 3-mile river.

If you are boarding the bamboo raft for the first time, you shouldn’t worry. At first sight the raft might look unstable, but seeing them well-balanced would seem instantly surprising to you. You can unhesitatingly and quite easily get on and off the raft. The well-padded seats offer a comfortable cruise. If you don’t have swimming experience, you can still enjoy the adventure and enjoy the ride. As a precautionary measure, the visitors are also provided with life vests. However, you won’t need them throughout your trip.

During most parts of the year you will discover that the river is only 4 feet deep. You can just relax. However, during rainy season the depth of the river goes around to 12 feet. You can always seek the help of your raft captain, who is quite knowledgeable about the river as well as the surrounding area. You can seek information from him and enhance your own knowledge. You are sure to find Bamboo River Rafting a memorable experience.

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