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Las Vegas gets a bigger version of London Eye twin

by amit.uniyal 28. April 2014 11:30

Las Vegas is a city that needs no introduction. The gambling capital of the United States is a city that entices travelers from different parts of the world. Known for its fun ways and carefree environment, it is one of the favorite destinations of holidaymakers in the country. There is no dearth of casinos in the city, which play a pivotal role in attracting travelers, let us say that there is an addition to its list of interesting items.

largest observation 

The city known for its exuberant price and grand attractions is now a proud owner of The High Roller. The High Roller is a bigger version of the world-famous London Eye. It opened last month in the LINQ neighborhood of the city. Tipped as the world’s largest observation wheel, The High Roller has been garnering both eyeballs and attention in large numbers. This new attraction has added a unique flavor to the open air shopping, entertaining, and dining area in this part of the city. Everyone around seems to be smitten by the wheel’s glory and is talking about it.

While the city and the locals are happy with their new item, it has drawn stark comparisons to London Eye. The 168-meter high wheel however, beats the London Eye hands down. This giant wheel has 28 pods in all, which can accommodate 40 people in one go. The youngsters in the city are also looking upon this interesting feature as a perfect party spot. Interestingly, the management is encouraging all to come and enjoy their drinking sprees on the wheel that will certainly make it a hotspot for the young crowds in the coming times.

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