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Canada relaxes rules for using electronic devices on flights

by amit.uniyal 4. June 2014 08:02

Now, customers flying in Canadian airspace will not be warned by flight attendants against using their portable mobile devices on board their flights until the aircraft attains its cruising altitude. Such warnings will soon become a thing of the past.

Lisa Raitt, Canada’s Transport Minister, has relaxed rules regarding using of the portable electronic devices in flights. The United States has already permitted the use of electronic devices in 2013.

portable electronic devices in flights

Media reports said that Canadian airlines are now all set to allow their customers to start using their portable electronic gadgets as soon as they board their flights until it has finally landed at its destination. This will however be permissible on the condition that the transmitting of data doesn’t take place during the course of the flight. This has become possible only because of the new rules being implemented by Transport Department in the country.

Air Canada indicated that it is planning to allow its customers to make use of their electronic devices on board their flights in a few days. While, other two prominent carriers – WestJet Airlines and Porter Airlines – said that they will implement this new rule in early summer.

Canada’s Transport Minister Lisa Raitt said that the rules regarding the use of portable electronic gadgets on board the aircrafts are being relaxed. Under the new rules, the airlines are now permitted to apply for this. However, before doing so they will have to ensure that the aircraft fleet is ready to withstand and tolerate radio interference. The airlines are also required to update manuals and make amends to the flight crew training programs.

Media reports quoted Raitt as saying that there is a need to grant Canadians the freedom to take their electronic devices on board their flights as soon as possible and make use of them. Raitt made the remarks while addressing a news conference in Ottawa.

This exemption is however also applicable to the use of devices such as e-readers, electronic games, tablets and cameras, from gate-to-gate, on the condition that they are kept in flight mode or non-transmitting mode during landings and takeoffs. Cellphones, also termed as electronic devices, are also allowed on board the flights and can be used. However, the customers cannot use their cell phones for making calls or receiving and sending wireless signals.

The Transport Canada is implementing new rules in an attempt to keep itself in sync with the changes elsewhere including Europe and the United States. The rules regarding use of electronic gadgets on board the aircrafts have been relaxed in European countries and the U.S. in 2013.

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