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Harvard MIT become new summer destinations for Chinese students

by amit.uniyal 8. August 2014 10:15

Here’s startling revelation from Hainan Airlines. Chinese students are visiting the Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Tufts University in large numbers this summer. The airline in fact said that these three renowned institutions in the United States have become new summer hotspots for students from China.

Chinese students visiting Harvard University

Media reports said that with numerous Chinese students and their families heading to these institutions in Boston, Hainan Airlines has been prompted to launch direct flights between Beijing and Boston in June 2014.

Considering the growing demand, the airline said that it had to increase the frequencies of flights making it into a daily service from the existing four in the months of July and August this year. The airline stated that Tufts University receives numerous requests from large organized groups and therefore conducts separate tours for these groups.

The increasing affluence of Chinese middle class and the idea of gaining prestige on obtaining a degree from institutions in Boston have prompted a huge number of students to visit the U.S. According to recent reports, there has been a surge in Chinese students with the numbers in Boston metropolitan area nearly tripled to 10,913 in 2013 from only 3,800 in 2009. The report said that this has been rather faster than the growth achieved nationally, which has now more than doubled.

The reports said that Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northeastern University and Boston University presently rank among the top 25 schools hosting foreign students in 2012-2013. The largest number of foreign students comprised of Chinese who accounted for 27 percent.

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