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Australian carriers to allow use of mobile phones on flights

by amit.uniyal 10. September 2014 08:28

Australian travelers can now heave a sigh of relief! Leading Australian carriers such as Qantas Airways and Virgin Australia will now allow their respective customers to use their mobile phones and other electronic gadgets such as tablets during the entire duration of their flights.

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Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority said that the two prominent airlines in the country had applied seeking approval regarding use of mobile phones and other electronic devices during the flights, which has now been finally approved.

The new rule will now be applicable to both domestic and international passengers booking flights on Virgin Australia and Qantas Airways. The rule mandates that the passengers traveling on the two airlines can now make use of their smartphones, small game consoles, e-readers and tablets.
The passengers were earlier required to switch off their electronic devices after boarding their flights and during the course of their entire journey because of the safety reasons.

The passengers in destinations such as the United States, New Zealand and Europe are permitted by some airlines to keep their mobile phones on during their flights. Previously, the electronic devices used to interfere with the flights. However, media reports have now said that the modern aircrafts are now being manufactured and designed in such a way that that the smartphones and other electronic gadgets are unable to interfere with the flights.

Peter Gibson, Spokesperson of Civil Aviation Safety Authority, said that the new rule for the two Australian carriers means that their passengers will be able to send emails and SMS through their smartphones or continue to play games during both takeoff and landing. However, bigger electronic devices such as laptops will be required to be stowed away during landing and takeoff because of the risks of turbulence.

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