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Mouth-watering dishes await long-haul fliers on Japan Airlines

by amit.uniyal 15. September 2014 05:52

If you are among those booking long-haul flights to an international destination on Japan Airlines, then you are surely in for a surprise. Get ready to be served colorful delicacies as part of your in-flight meal. Just sample the dishes you are going to be offered during your flight.

Japan Airlines

It will be wholly a new different experience for you on board the flight. The airline will be serving an appetizer with nine different Japanese delicacies. You can also look forward to being served braised chicken with yuzu chili-flavored radish sauce, and grilled cutlassfish with asparagus and potato salad. There’s no stopping for you as even more mouth-watering dishes are waiting to be served.

The appetizer will be presented in a wooden box consisting of nine small bowls filled with different delicacies from across Japan. The dishes served in these bowls include “ayu” sweetfish sushi wrapped in bamboo leaf; steamed eel with fish cake and braised duck breast; miso-flavored minced pork in a ginger sauce; scallop topped with grated radish; grilled chicken liver, tuna sashimi with yam and prawn; grilled halibut with sea urchin; fried pike conger with soy vinegar jelly; green soy tofu with seaweed sauce; and tomato and tofu salad.

The main course being served to the customers include braised chicken with yuzu chili-flavored radish sauce, and grilled cutlassfish with asparagus and potato salad. The meals are simply yummy and quite sufficient. Those who believe in eating less might just feel cheated with many varieties available, all of which can simply not be eaten by them.

According to Japan Airlines, the luxury food offerings are being provided as part of its JAL BEDD (Bed, Eating, Delicious and Dream) program. These luxury meals are exclusively available to the airline’s customers traveling in First Class and Business Class cabins. The customers traveling in either of the classes are also offered seats that are ultimately transformed into a mattress bed.

The meals offered to the customers under the airline’s JAL BEDD program was designed by a team of four Japanese star chefs. The in-flight menus for First Class and Business Class customerswere prepared using the finest and freshest locally-sourced ingredients.

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