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Is Travel better with Wearable Technology?

by amit.uniyal 16. October 2014 06:31

Recent technological advances in air travel have streamlined the checking-in and checking-out process.
Air passengers are also getting accustomed with wearable technology for boarding flights in the most convenient way possible. A recent market survey depicted that 77% of more than 6000 passengers would be comfortable with use of wearable technology like Google Glass or smart Watch to make their journey pleasant.

wearable technology

Among the fliers assessed, 97% of them carry a laptop, smartphone or a tablet while flying and one out of five carry all three. Passengers are eager to stay connected even during flight with over 76% using the airline applications. 53% of the passengers want alerts about flight delays on their phones while 57% want airport terminal directions and maps. The demand for in-flight connectivity is drastic. 56% of the travelers want to be able to stay connected on their laptop or tablet for entertainment purposes during their flight.

The huge demand of customers worldwide has encouraged innovative minds to develop technology that helps you throughout your journey. Miami International Airport, for instance, is the first ever airport to deploy iBeacon technology covering the check-in point, baggage and parking areas across the airport.

The passengers are given relevant information related to boarding gate, directions and boarding time on their phones through the use of Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport has released an update of iOS and Android devices featuring a Voice Concierge.

AirBerlin, Iberia and Vueling, and have also recently unveiled smart watch boarding pass for owners of Pebble Steel, Samsung Gear 2 and Sony Smartwatch 2. With just a shake of a wrist, the devices scan the watch like a digital boarding ticket on a phone.

Well, these dapper gadgets will certainly help you board your flight on time and have a fun flight.

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