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Emirates Airlines proves to be the most glamorous airline

by amit.uniyal 19. October 2014 09:00

Emirates Airlines is all about extravagance, elegance and pleasure in air. The First class private suites with flat beds, Caviar, Aubergine Lasagna and other hors d’oeuvres served with champagnes and vintage wines, shower spa with Timeless Spa kits, the gorgeous flight attendants adorning red hats with white veils and khaki colored ensemble represent the Emirates royal experience. The company, founded in 1985 is the fastest growing airline while it fans out actively in the U.S air travel market, leaving the U.S. air passenger carriers behind.

emirates airlines

Business class travel in the U.S. is flourishing and Emirates is making the most of it. At present, the U.S contributes to 7% of business for Emirates. However, the airline aspires to expand in the U.S as it plans to add more destinations to the existing nine. Emirates is procuring more and more aircrafts to its existing fleet of 217 as it strives to achieve a 70 million customers per year target by 2020 as compared to 40 million as of now.

Emirates’ marketing campaigns, does not only set its sight on the business commuters but the routine fliers as well. Emirates also launched an ad campaign to make the airline accessible to all, depicting a company that connects the travelers worldwide.

Despite its much famed luxury travel, Emirates acquires major profits from the economy seats, not the business or first class seats. Filling the economy seats is prioritized.

Emirates Airlines has been conferred with various awards portraying it as one of the most glamorous airlines. Brand Finance, U.K presented the title of the most valuable airline brand across the globe to Emirates. In 2013, owing to 19 million surveys by customers worldwide, Skytrax fabled it the world’s best airline. The first-class lounge at Dubai International Airport also attained first spot in 2013 World Travel Awards.

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