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Qantas Airways introducing new benefits for elite frequent flyers

by amit.uniyal 4. November 2014 02:52

Qantas Airways has indicated that it will be introducing new benefits for its frequent flyer program members belonging to the most elite tier. The airline has acknowledged them for their outstanding loyalty and decided to reward them. The airline’s move is also simultaneously aimed at encouraging those frequent flyer program members possessing lower loyalty card status to consider booking more flights in future in order to be at the top-tier level.

Qantas Airlines

A spokesperson of the airline in a statement said that the spouse or de facto partner of its Platinum One members would be provided a complimentary Platinum membership. Among various other benefits to be provided to Platinum One members include earning double points in Qantas-operated restaurants, free membership in Qantas Golf Club, free phone bookings, and switching to an earlier domestic flight without paying any charges whatsoever.

According to Qantas Airways, the members of the airline’s most elite tier belonging to the invitation-only Chairman’s Lounge include celebrities, politicians and corporate leaders. However, the Platinum One members are currently in fewer numbers when compared to the elite tier members. The Platinum One membership is open to all members of the public who fly frequently, especially in the premium classes.

Lesley Grant, Chief Executive of Qantas Loyalty, said that the airline strongly feels that there is a paramount need to ensure that the frequent flyer program remains quite attractive and people be given more incentives for upgrading to a higher tier. Grant said that the current changes are being implemented after receiving feedback from the Platinum One members.

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