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Musical playlist to match specific dishes on British Airways now

by amit.uniyal 5. November 2014 03:01

British Airways has come up with a new idea to keep its long-haul customers entertained while taking their in-flight meals. This is nothing but innovation at its best!

UK’s national carrier British Airways will start offering its customers an entirely new flying experience. Come November, and the airline will start providing a curated musical playlist matching specific dishes aimed at keeping the passengers entertained while enjoying their meals onboard their aircrafts. According to the airline, the soundtrack will work wonders and even enhance the flavors of the meals.

British Airlines

British Airways came up with the new idea after considering a study by Oxford University which outlined that the taste perception can be influenced by music. The study further said that music can also make food up to 10 percent more salty or sweet. The study also indicated that during a flight the passenger’s sense of taste diminishes by 30 percent.

Keeping in view the importance of study and its relation to in-flight meals, British Airways hired the services of a leading chef named Mark Tazzioli. He played a crucial role in concocting a meal that could be greatly enjoyed by a passenger onboard the aircraft while listening to music from a special playlist.

According to British Airways, the special menu has been named “SoundBite”. It will be accompanied by 13 tracks on the airline’s “Rock and Pop” audio channel and would be available to the passengers on long-haul flights. The British dishes can be enjoyed while listening to Lily Allen’s “Only We Know”. Similarly, famous song "Scream (Funk My Life Up)” by Scottish singer Paolo Nutini can be enjoyed while savoring the Scottish salmon hors d'oeuvre.

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