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The Travel Restband is perfect for a sound sleep during flights

by amit.uniyal 15. November 2014 05:46

Would you blindfold yourself by choice and strap your head to the airplane seat to sleep better? If yes, then this gadget is your perfect travel mate.


Relax Ally is a travel Restband with a sleeping eye mask that helps you to fall asleep and relaxes the muscles without the passengers leaning or drooling on the fellow passengers. It fastens the head to the seat firmly and the ergonomic position prevents micro trauma to the neck and shoulder muscles. A company from Finland called Active Ally Oy has launched an upgrade of the previous Restband which now includes an eye mask and earplugs. The Restband is adjustable and costs €31($39) on the Relax Ally website. It also saves from the embarrassing moment of waking up with your head on a stranger’s shoulder.

During the launch of this 3 in 1 restband, CEO, Active Ally Oy commented that the people have accepted our solution to this big traveling problem. The company strategically launched a video campaign in the Halloween week, talking about travel nightmares that people can avoid by using this product.

The Relax Ally 3 in 1 Travel Restband has a sleeping mask to keep light out, a restband for an ergonomic position and earplugs to isolate noise placed in a pocket on one side of the restband. After having sold the product in over twenty countries, the company intends to get more equity investors through a crowd funding platform called FundedByMe.

The company strives to grow globally and FundedByMe platform will help the company unlock up to €300,000 ($378600) by contributing an amount of €100,000. This will reinforce global development of the company in the U.S., Europe and Asia. The crowd funding campaign ends in 40 days and the company has raise 15 percent of the total amount.

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