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Best time for booking flights

by amit.uniyal 22. November 2014 02:10

Booking flights can sometimes prove to be quite frustrating, annoying and often confusing. This is simply because prices of air tickets fluctuate frequently and it rather becomes difficult to even assess whether one has got a good deal or not. The usual tendency with a frequent air traveler is to keep on constantly checking multiple websites, and this could even amount to several times a day. If the search for the best deals is perceived to be complete then a nonrefundable ticket is finally booked considering it to be a sale offer, but only to discover later on that the customer has rather overpaid.

So, one would rather ask as to what after all is the best time to book a flight that would come cheap and you are able to save a significant amount of money on your tickets. Most of the frequent flyers and those in the commercial aviation business would say that booking tickets in advance is always cheap. This, however, depends on the number of days you are booking your tickets ahead of your scheduled departure date.

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Let us have a look at some of the ways and the best time indeed for booking your flights. You will soon discover that booking flights would rather become convenient and simple.

Best Days to book flights
The airfares are usually at their lowest on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. These two days of the week are therefore undoubtedly the best to purchase your air tickets. It has often been seen that many airlines in the sheer hope of securing sales for the following week announce special discounts on a Monday evening. These discounts are then matched by the rival competitors and thus the prices of airfares are lowered further. In this way, the customers stand to benefit vastly when booking on these two particular days. Most of the discounted tickets are thus sold out by Thursday or latest by Friday.

Best time for booking in the month
Is there any best time of the month also to book your flight tickets? Of course, such a query is true for a medium budget or salaried person. The 7th day of the month is considered to be the best for making plans for travel and booking air tickets. It is the time when many workers receive their pay checks and have enough money to afford a holiday. The airlines come up with fabulous discounts and competition among rival carriers increases. This is also the best time of the month to get a good flight deal.

Good months to book flights
If you are particular about saving money on your tickets, then there are at least two good months when booking flights would be the cheapest and best. The months of July and November are considered to be the best for getting cheap airfares. During these months people seldom plan for their holidays and the demand for airline tickets is low and therefore the airfares also tend to be low. However, avoid booking tickets during September and January as the demand is high and so are the prices.

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