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Plethora of things to see and do while vacationing in Colorado

by amit.uniyal 14. January 2015 02:58

Colorado is a perfect destination for adventure and a great vacation. Just sample all that this fascinating place has to offer to its quintessential visitors. It offers 300 days of sunshine round the year. The four distinct seasons offer great vacation values. Its diverse landscape – deserts, gushing rivers, majestic mountains and expansive prairie grasslands – will keep you spellbound endlessly.

There is so much to see and do in this magnificent highest-altitude state in the United States. Get ready to be enthralled with a wide selection of unbelievable natural wonders and wildlife. Cultural treasures abound here. This is aptly reflected through its frontier forts, dinosaur fossils, mining museums and narrow-gauge railways. No matter whatever you might be looking for all these and much more are available in Colorado.

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Major Highlights in Colorado

  • The bubbling natural hot springs emanating from underground streams flowing across the Rockies are there to soothe you and provide utmost relaxation. The popular hot springs worth visiting include Ouray, Glenwood Springs or Steamboat Springs.
  • The tallest sand dunes in North America sitting right up against steep mountains are to be found here. Exploring the Great Sand Dunes National Park is truly a unique experience.
  • The Colorado History Museum and the Southern Ute Cultural Center are two important places to visit here. Get acquainted with the history of early settlers as well as modern-day achievements during your visit to the Colorado History Museum. A visit to the Southern Ute Cultural Center is equally fascinating as you will be offered an interactive experience paying remarkable tribute to the Ute Indians.

These are among some of the important highlights in Colorado that will prompt you to visit this fantastic place more often.

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