4 reasons to get lost in Sydney this fall


It may be late autumn in the northern hemisphere, but Down Under, spring is just getting underway. A trip to Australia is just the thing for people looking to get away for a while and enjoy some fun in the sun. It's the perfect time of year to grab some cheap tickets to Sydney and get lost in that fantastic city. Here are a few reasons why you should start planning your trip today:

1. Fun on the beach
Ready to hang ten on a big wave? At Bondi Beach in Sydney, you can grab a board and have some fun in the warm ocean waters. If you've never surfed before, this is the perfect opportunity to learn! Even if you just want to relax on the beach, there's plenty of room for that as well. Stake a parasol in the sand, plop a chair down in its shade and take a quick nap with your toes in the sand. Bondi Beach is also near several great fine dining establishments, so when the sun goes down, the fun doesn't have to stop.

2. The view from Sydney Tower
If you find yourself getting a little too lost in Sydney, try heading to Sydney Tower, where you can get an amazing view of the city. At a height of 879 feet, you can take some incredible photos that are sure to make your friends back home green with envy. The viewing platform at the tower even features a glass floor, so you can get a true bird's eye experience. When you're done being amazed by the views, head back into the tower for a 4D cinematic experience about the city, complete with wind, fire and bubble effects.

Escape from your responsibilities in Sydney, Australia.Escape from your responsibilities in Sydney, Australia.

3. An afternoon in The Rocks
The Rocks is a neighborhood in Sydney dedicated to good food, local culture, the arts and fantastic scenic views. Not only is The Rocks the historical center of the city, it's modern aspects are some of the most fun you'll have in Sydney. Here you can explore markets full of local crafts, indulge in some freshly caught seafood and take bicycle tour of the district. Some visitors will even prefer to book a cheap hotel room here, so they always have easy access to the excitement.

4. The tranquility of a Chinese garden
If you should ever feel a little overwhelmed during your stay in Sydney, consider stopping by the Chinese Garden of Friendship for a little peace and quiet. Inside the walled garden, you'll find lush green plants, calm waters and gently twisting paths. An hour or two in the garden will recharge your energy reserves, clear you mind, and get your ready to take on the rest of your adventure.

There's so much to see and do in Sydney, that you'll have to do some planning before you book your trip. Whether you're looking to get your adrenaline pumping on the surf, or you just want to take it easy in the city, Sydney has something for you to enjoy.

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