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What do Business travelers look for when picking a hotel says survey

Choice Hotels International, looking into the preferences and practices of business travelers commissioned a survey recently. Survey was done to find the parameters on the basis of which business travelers book their hotels. A total of 529 travelers participated in the survey. As per the survey, the location of the hotel was the utmost important…
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Pampering business travelers becomes phenomenon with airlines

It’s becoming more of a phenomenon with airlines to pamper their business travelers more than before. This trend has brought cheers to the passengers giving them awesome experience on the ground as well as at 30,000 feet above in the air. Spend a night on a long-haul flight and walk off the aircraft straight into…
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Business Travel Made Easy – And Comfortable!

Traveling for business can be an exciting experience. You get to actually meet face to face with clients, start racking up frequent flier miles and maybe have just a little bit of time to take in a new city. But once you start traveling for business on a regular basis, things can start to get…
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