Forget about the cold on these 5 Kauai beaches


Lush tropical forests and pristine white sandy beaches are waiting for you on Kauai, Hawaii.  On "The Garden Island", you can forget about the cold winter weather and all the responsibilities of work while relaxing in the sun. Grab your cheap tickets to Kauai today so you can start your island getaway as soon as possible!

1. Anini Beach
Located on the northern shore of Kauai, Anini Beach is a must-visit for windsurfing enthusiasts. According to Kauai Explorer, the surrounding reef creates a lake-like water surface that's perfect for the sport. Rent some equipment and hit the waves under a clear blue sky! When you get tired out after a long day, you can sneak a quick nap under a palm tree before going out for the night.

2. Kealia Beach
This long stretch of white sand is the classic Kauaian beach. Here, you can take a stroll along the shore with your loved one or grab a pair of binoculars and see if you can spot some migrating whales. Although the waves tend to be choppy at Kealia, it's still a great spot for sunbathing, volleyball and bicycling.

Forget about your worries on the Garden Island.Forget about your worries on the Garden Island.

3. Mahaulepu Beach
This southern stretch of isolated coast is ideal for nature lovers or anyone looking to get the perfect photos to show off on social media. According to the island's tourist board, Mahaulepu can be reached by a tropical hiking trail which view of lava tubes, sand dunes and tide pools. Once at the beach, you can rest and relax or hop on your kiteboard to hit the waves.

4. Salt Pond Beach
This beach is named after the ponds that collect salt as the tides wash in throughout the day. Like Anini Beach, it's protected by a reef, which makes it ideal for snorkeling, especially in the wintertime. Under the water, you'll truly forget about your responsibilities as you explore the aquatic world. This beach is also great for kids who want to swim and play in the shallows.

5. Polihale Beach
Part of the Polihale State park, this beach tends to be a little more sparsely populated than some of the other beaches on Kauai. According to park authorities, Polihale beach is home to sand dunes which can reach a height of over 100 feet. It's also a little more difficult to access than some of the other locations of this list, but that makes the spectacular view all the more rewarding when you arrive on the shore.

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