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Summer deals to great destinations like Taiwan are actually fairly easy to find. If you're looking for a trip that has a bit of the metropolitan, the potential for great beach time and other outdoor adventures, you can't go wrong with a trip to this island nation. You'll find the number of English speakers is higher here than in other Chinese speaking countries, which you'll have an easier time getting from place to place. Once you've got your cheap tickets to Taiwan, you can start planning where you'd like to go and what you want to see. Read on for a few ideas:

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The easiest place to fly into is Taipei, the capital of the country. You can get here from many major cities in the U.S., though you'll find the best deals on the west coast. With a population of only 2.7 million, Taipei is one of the smaller cities you'll find in Asia - that means less congestion and fewer crowds of locals at the tourist attractions.

Taipei has a number of modern and historic sights, so there's a little something for everyone. According to Lonely Planet, the National Palace Museum is one of the best places to visit if you're looking to soak up some Taiwanese culture. The museum is home to some of the most treasured artifacts of ancient China known to the modern world. From rare books and paintings to sculptures and ancient weaponry, you can get a glimpse into what life was once like on the Asian continent.

If you want to do some shopping, you definitely need to checkout Taipei 101, the fifth tallest building in the world, according to Skyscraper Center. Completed in 2004, the building has an observation deck that's 1,285 feet above the ground, giving viewers a fantastic opportunity to see the city spread out before them. Five massive floors of the tower are dedicated to shopping, which means you'll have plenty of shops to explore.

Kenting National Park
Located at the southern tip of Taiwan, Kenting National Park is perfect for those who want to relax in the outdoors. Not only will you find great places to go walking and hiking, you'll have access to some of the best beaches and nightlife on the island. The travel blog Taiwanese Secrets reported that this is one of the only spots in the country that you'll find white sand beaches - so be sure to put it on your must-see list!

Additionally, you'll find lots of great bars and restaurants in Kenting Town. Sip on a cold bottle beer while you watch the sun go down and stars come up. For dinner, you can find great local dishes as well as some foreign meals that are sure to satisfy your cravings. In other words, there's a little bit of everything in Kenting National Park, and you shouldn't miss it on your summer vacation in Taiwan.

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