Frankfurt: A fascinating and captivating German city


Frankfurt is one of the most prominent cities in Germany. A popular destination in Europe, this city receives millions of visitors each year. It is fifth largest city in the country. It also serves as the financial capital of Germany and is a hub for world famous banking institutes here. The city entices businesspersons from all over the world to its premises. A global city, it is famous for various attractions that grace its limits. While the world knows this city at face value, there are many hidden facts about it as well. Let us uncover the other side of its gorgeous city in the form of compilation of lesser-known facts about Frankfurt below.

Frankfurt is the city’s short name
Frankfurt is not the full name of the city of Frankfurt. The complete name of this German city is Frankfurt am Main. This literally means Frankfurt on the Main River. The city is also sometimes referred to as Main-hattan. This gorgeous city derives its names from the word frankfurter. Frankfurter in turn comes from frankfurter würstchen, which means pork sausages. These popular snacks were in the city from the beginning of the 13th century and became an inspiration so great as to name a modern city like Frankfurt!

It one of the best cities in the world to live in

The city of Frankfurt is home to more than 687,775 people. Apart from the local residents, it attracts a large number of foreigners each year, who flock to the city in search of a decent living and a comfortable lifestyle. If the report by Mercer Human Resource Consulting Worldwide Quality of Living Survey is to be believed then this city ranks on number seven on the list of cities that sport greatest quality of living the world over.

Main Tower offers a breathtaking view of the city below

Travelers visiting the city must ensure a trip to the Main Tower. This tower is Frankfurt’s one and only skyscraper open to the commoners. The 650-feet tall building offers glittering glimpses of the breathtaking panorama of the city. One can enjoy a delectable meal with their loved ones and at the same time relish the spectacular sight of this world-famous city.

People do not drink tap water!
As bizarre as it may sound, the people of this thriving German city do not drink tap water. Though the taps are flooded with water, yet the locals opt to visit departmental or retail stores to pick their cans of drinking water.

Shopping at Street Zeil is rejuvenating

Street Zeil is a pedestrian district that is one of the most visited places in the city. It is also known as the Fifth Avenue of Germany, and is flocked by curious shoppers most of the times. This place is the mix of modern and the ordinary as it houses items from street vendors to chic and branded stores. This place is forever bustling with activities day in and day out.

People prefer bland food
The local residents have peculiar food habits. They are not fond of spicy food rather prefer to eat bland food. Another strange fact is that finding any Mexican delicacy in the city is a rarity.
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