3 things to do after your business meeting in Frankfurt


On occasion, business travel leaves a little bit of extra time for exploring a new city. Frankfurt, Germany, is one destination you should certainly make sure you have time for. Though known for its burgeoning commerce industry, this German metropolis has lots to offer in the form of history, architecture and art as well.

After your next conference in Frankfurt, be sure to leave time for these activities:

1. The Frankfurt Zoological Garden
According to the official City of Frankfurt am Main source, all those with a love for flora and fauna should add the Frankfurt Zoological Garden to their itinerary. As one of the oldest of its kind in the world, it has been open to the public for over 150 years. This world of all things plants and animals exists in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city. It's a place where you can escape the noise and the tall buildings and explore more than 500 species.

2. Museum row
The Museumsufer, meaning Museum Embankment, is home to 13 different museums, according to Lonely Planet. This makes for a great place to spend the afternoon as you can stroll through a variety of museums, each brimming with their own unique cultural significance. Located along the Main River, this area boasts lots of greenery and also serves as an ideal spot to enjoy a coffee, a book or a bite to eat. During the day, a number of people can be seen cycling, running or strolling through.

Don't miss out on the sights in Germany.Don't miss out on the sights in Germany.

3. The Romerberg
All history buffs must take a stroll through Altstadt, the Old Town, and make their way to the Romberg. According to Planet Ware, this historic pedestrian square is home to the reconstructed Romer buildings as well as the Wertheim House, which was one of the only buildings to make it through the World War II air raids unscathed. The Justice Fountain in the middle of the square is among the attractions as well.

Once you've seen the sights, treat yourself to a bratwurst and stein before catching your flight.

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