What Makes Boston America’s Favorite City?


As far as superlatives go, Boston never seems to run short of them; one of the finest, greenest, liveliest, oldest, yet trendiest city in the United States, it is also among the costliest and most uptight cities. So what makes the "Hub of the Universe", as Boston is called, the most loved city of America? Let's find out.

The History
While history is documented and preserved in monuments in other places, Boston's history lives on. The Freedom Trail is the first proof to this fact. Starting from the Boston Common, America's first public Park, the trail moves on to visit several important historical sites like the Massachusetts State House, King's Chapel, the Boston Massacre Site, Paul Revere House, USS Constitution and the Bunker Hill Monument.

The mix of old with new; the sight of towering old churches beside gleaming skyscrapers is part of the charm that makes Boston a favorite with residents as well as visitors. The "Boston pride" in having all these interesting sites is yet another reason where this city scores points.

The Crowd
The nerdy looking guy sitting next to you in the train could be the next President of the United States; dreamy artists, buoyant students, busy techies, innovative businessmen and genteel seniors are all a part of Boston and proud to call this city their home. While its excellent universities have given Boston its youthful bounce, its location on the coast and it stately history have made it a haven for entrepreneurs and retired seniors.

The Grub
Irish pubs, Japanese Sushi stalls, Indian Street food or Brazilian steak... just name it and it's there in Boston. So whether you are yearning for home food or looking for variety, you won't be disappointed in this city. Of course, you can't go to Beantown without tasting its baked beans and clam chowder. Apart from these, the seafood scene and Boston's popular food trucks make it a dream destination for foodies.

The Waters
The lovely coast along the Boston Harbor and the charming Charles River not only offer a breathtaking backdrop to Boston, but also provide scope for plenty of activities. From island hopping to ferry rides, sunset cruises and sailing in the Charles River Basin, water-lovers have abundant options.

The Culture
The Athens of Americas is a downright winner when it comes to culture. Enjoy stimulating live music performances in places as humble as subway stations or flight for tickets to the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

On the arts side, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum are impressive; enough to give Boston its own identity in the field of arts in spite of mighty competitors. The Institute of Contemporary Art with its unique architecture is another feather in Boston's crown. Of course, you can't say you've been to Boston if you come back without watching a Red Sox game at the Fenway Park.

In spite of its unpredictable weather, heavy traffic and worthy status as one of the most expensive cities in the United States, people who've stayed here even for just a while wouldn't want to move out. Anyone who's been in Boston for a Fourth of July celebration, a Red Sox game or a Jazz Festival will know that the beauty of the city is not just on the surface. The true charm lies within and this is the secret ingredient that makes Boston America's favorite city.

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