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Turkish Airline Washington Flights

by 14. July 2011 11:26
Turkish Airline has announced a new schedule for flights to Washington. Here is the flight frequency chart with essential dates and time.

Istanbul To Washington Flights

(Information in “Flight No- Start- End-  Days- Departure-Arrival” format)
  • TK 007- N/A- 28.08.11- Tuesday to Sunday except Saturday- Istanbul 10:50- Washington 15:25
  • TK 008- N/A-28.08.11- Tuesday to Sunday except Saturday- Washington 22:55- Istanbul 16:10  1
  • TK 007- 29.08.11- 28.10.11-  Monday to Sunday except Saturday- Istanbul 10:50- Washington 15:25    
  • TK 008- 29.08.11- 28.10.11-  Monday to Sunday except Saturday – Washington 22:55- Istanbul 16:10    1
 To book air tickets to Washington early and avail the new offer, try the booking engine on the left.

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Family Travel Doesn't Have To Be Impossible

by margaret 14. July 2011 10:21

For a lot of young couples, there’s nothing better than traveling the world together and exploring new places. But as soon as you have kids, your exciting travel life has to take a back seat… or does it? Most people think that having kids means an end to traveling all together, but with the right preparation, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Tips on Traveling with Kids

The most stressful part of traveling with kids is probably the whole idea of the travel itself. Going through airport security with small children is no walk in the park, so know what you’re getting into before you go. They may be kids, but they have to go through security just like the rest of us, so make sure your child is dressed accordingly (i.e.: shoes that are easy to take on and off!). Many aircrafts will have plenty of room for your stroller, so there’s no need to check it in with your luggage. Keep it with you and check it in when you get to the gate. This way you’ll have it as soon as you exit the plane. And don’t forget, if your child is old enough for you to pay for their own seat, they’re old enough for a frequent flier card.

Family Travel Network’s Managing Editor Nancy Schretter suggests traveling at an off peak time, like in the middle of the week at an earlier flight time. Schretter also suggests trying “to drive (or undertake travel of any kind) when your child is scheduled to sleep.” This way their internal clock knows it’s time to nap, and you (hopefully) won’t be the center of attention as the parent with the screaming child on the plane!

Where to Go?

A vacation with your kids doesn’t have to mean Disneyworld or a trip to your local amusement park. A lot of vacations most would associate with couples are now turning into family travel. Many all-inclusive resorts and cruises have become family specific, offering activities for the whole family, just your kids and of course just the parents. In fact, certain resorts in Jamaica even include a vacation nanny!

Of course family time is always important while on vacation. Don’t shy away from big cities because of the crowds. Many museums in cities like Washington DC and New York offer free admission for kids as well as interactive elements to keep them entertained. A lot of monuments also offer free or low admission costs for kids. Make sure to get there early though to beat the crowds, leaving you plenty of time to give your little one a history lesson!

Travel Friendly Families 

Traveling with small children can take some getting used to and extra preparation, but it can be a fun getaway for the whole family when done right. And besides, the more you travel with your kids, the more they’ll become expert travelers!


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Lufthansa UK flights to be expanded in winter

by 13. July 2011 11:15
German flag carrier recently announced that it will expand its flight services to the UK. The airline said that it will introduce new flight services to Aberdeen in Scotland in the winter schedules 2011/12.

The flight services from Frankfurt to Aberdeen, which starts from October 30, 2011, will make it Lufthansa’s 6th UK destination.

The airline in a statement said that it will, for the first time, operate thrice-daily flight services from Frankfurt connecting the important port of Aberdeen on the east coast of Scotland.

The airline further said that its regional subsidiary Lufthansa CityLine will operate the flight services to Aberdeen and will deploy its modern Embraer 190 aircraft, configured with a total 100 seats in the Business Class and Economy Class.   

Aberdeen is center of the oil industry. Besides, it is a beautiful modern port situated on the Scottish highlands edge. Aberdeen’s many attractions, such as famous Scottish castles, the “Malt Whisky Trail”, and its many well-known golf courses, greatly attract nature lovers and holidaymakers from around the world.

A top official of the Lufthansa German Airlines Board said that with the introduction of new flight services to Aberdeen, the ‘Europe’s Oil Capital’, the airline has shown its commitment by adding a new Oil & Energy destination, considered quite significant in the energy industry. Besides, the official also acknowledged that Aberdeen is renowned among Scottish fans and holds great attraction for leisure travelers from world over. By adding a new flight service to Aberdeen, Lufthansa said that it will now operate a total of 434 flights every week to London-City, London-Heathrow, Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh.

Lufthansa is offering inaugural fare from 99 Euros for European flights ex Frankfurt for flights to Aberdeen. The return fare will be for Economy Class, inclusive of all fees and taxes.  

New Daily Flight Schedule (Winter 2011/12)

  • LH970 Frankfurt 07.55 hours – Aberdeen 09.00 hours
  • LH972 Frankfurt 16.00 hours – Aberdeen 17.05 hours
  • LH974 Frankfurt 21.25 hours – Aberdeen 22.30 hours
  • LH975 Aberdeen 06.00 hours – Frankfurt 08.55 hours
  • LH971 Aberdeen 09.40 hours – Frankfurt 12.35 hours
  • LH973 Aberdeen 17.40 hours – Frankfurt 20.35 hours

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Business Travel Made Easy – And Comfortable!

by margaret 13. July 2011 10:46

Traveling for business can be an exciting experience. You get to actually meet face to face with clients, start racking up frequent flier miles and maybe have just a little bit of time to take in a new city. But once you start traveling for business on a regular basis, things can start to get a bit uncomfortable as you squeeze yourself and your laptop into another Economy seat. But traveling for business doesn’t have to be all that bad. Many airlines are adding more services and features now to accommodate the business traveler, Wi-Fi included!

Travel In Comfort

There’s a reason Business Class is called, well, Business Class. While flying Economy or Coach may be cheaper, booking a ticket in the Business Class section gives you all the tools necessary that business travelers today need. A Business Class ticket isn’t just your ticket to a more comfortable seat and a better in-flight beverage service, the extra space comes in handy when you have to get your laptop out on a long flight to get some last minute work done. You’ve done that in Economy, and you know how crowded it gets! Many airlines also offer power outlets, so you no longer have to fight with everyone at the gate trying to get that last little charge on their iPhone or Blackberry. 

Connecting In Air

Of course, while some business travelers can write up reports or crunch numbers in the air, we could all get a lot more done these days (for our business and personal lives) if we were connected while flying. Luckily, companies like Gogo Inflight are available to offer wireless services to airline passengers. Gogo Inflight’s wireless internet services are available through several airlines, including all B767-200 flights on American Airlines, all flights through Delta and all flights on Virgin America. For frequent travelers on the go (ie: you, the Business Traveler), the company offers monthly unlimited service at $39.95. The downside? You now have no excuse for not replying to all those emails!

Cathay Pacific New Business Class Seat
More space makes frequent business traveling much more enjoyable! 
Photo By: Luke Lai (Creative Commons)

While you may have to pay more for these luxuries, in the end, it’s the little things that make a difference and help you out with your busy life. Economy is great to get where you need to go and First Class is great for some in-flight pampering, but Business Class is where you need to be when your next stop is the board room.

How much would you be able to accomplish by booking a flight in Business Class? What’s your favorite thing about the Business Class section? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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Rewards Card Giveaway

by 12. July 2011 05:42

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Sports Events packages launched by Emirates Airline

by 11. July 2011 11:42
UAE national carrier Emirates Airline recently announced that it has entered into agreement with TUI Travel Plc to launch sports events packages called ‘Emirate Live’.

Emirates Live is a package of services that offers customers the facility of easy-to-book access to prominent international sports events. Under the package, the Emirates Airline has started offering packages to international sports tournaments, such as the England vs India npower Test Series in Birmingham, the F1 British Grand Prix in Silverstone and the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. The packages are being offered by the airline in partnership with TUI Travel’s Sport Division.

The airline said in a statement that through the Emirates Live the customers will be able to book event tickets, flights, transport and hotels. It also said that there are facilities for arranging customized individual and group packages as well.

Russell Sheldon, Senior Vice President of Network Sales and Passenger Development of Emirates Airline, said that the airline, with its route network spread across six continents and combining the expertise of TUI Travel Plc, the Emirates’ customers will be at a great advantage by getting access to premier international sports events.

Sheldon remarked that the Emirates Airline has significantly expanded its route network based on its customers’ needs and demands. He said that the airline will now be focusing on its customers even more by offering sports events packages through Emirate Live in order to meet their leisure interests. He also hoped that the airline will continue to increase the variety of events and its number based on the customers’ feedback and the popularity of Emirates Live sports events packages.

The Emirates Airline is currently operating flights to over 100 destinations in 66 countries across the world. The airline has a fleet of 153 aircrafts at present, and over 1,000 flights out of Dubai International Airport each week connect to numerous destinations spread over six continents.

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Airline News

Delta Air Lines nonstop Detroit-Beijing flight service Launched

by 11. July 2011 10:37
Delta Air Lines recently launched its new Beijing route. With this, the airline has expanded its Asian gateway in Detroit further. The airline said that Beijing has become the third city in China to receive flights from its Detroit hub starting July 1, 2011.

Vinay Dube, Senior Vice President of Delta Air Lines, said that the launch of the new nonstop Detroit-Beijing flight service has proved the commitment of the airline to continue to build up its trans-Pacific network. Besides providing more opportunities for job growth and economic development of Beijing, the flight services will also enable the customers to have wide range of travel choices traveling to cities across Asia.

The airline said that Detroit-Beijing flight services will be operated five days every week. It further stated that Boeing 777 aircraft configured with 269 seats has been deployed on the Beijing route. The airline said that the aircraft will be featuring full flat-bed seats in the BusinessElite class, while there will be a new Economy Comfort class offering more legroom space as well as early boarding.

Delta Air Lines also announced that it will be operating 44 weekly flight services to six Asian cities from Detroit this summer. In China, the airline is currently operating nonstop services to Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. Besides, the three other Asian cities where the airline is offering nonstop flight services from Detroit includes Nagoya and Tokyo in Japan; and Seoul in South Korea.

Flight Schedule:


Flight 189 – Departure: Detroit at 9:25 p.m. – Arrival: Beijing at 11 p.m. (next day) – Frequency: Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday – Aircraft: Boeing 777 – Started: July 1


Flight 188 – Departure: Beijing at 6:55 a.m. – Arrival: Detroit at 8:15 a.m. – Frequency: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday – Aircraft: Boeing 777 – Started: July 3

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Airline News

Air Canada Airbus A330 Service from Fort Lauderdale to Toronto

by 8. July 2011 08:37
Canada’s flag carrier Air Canada recently launched its Airbus A330 aircraft on its Fort Lauderdale-Toronto route.

The airline in its press release said that Air Canada has become the first airline to operate the largest passenger aircraft A330 on a daily basis from Fort Lauderdale. The aircraft has been configured for 265 passengers.

Describing about the configuration of the A330 aircraft, Air Canada said that each seat is equipped with the state-of-the-art personal multichannel on-demand entertainment system. Besides, each of the seats will have a power port of its own. The airline also said that the aircraft will be featuring seat-back on-demand television at no extra charges in its hospitality class.  

Regarding the flight schedule, the Air Canada said that the Toronto-Fort Lauderdale flight will be departing Toronto at 2 pm and arrive Fort Lauderdale at 5 pm. On the other hand, the return flight will depart Fort Lauderdale at 6.30 pm and arrive Toronto at 9.30 pm.

Meanwhile, in a separate development, the Air Canada said that it is now offering good flight deals on select US and Canada flights. The airline said that the customers will get a discount of 30 percent on Tango and Tango Plus fares. The airline said that the offer is valid for travel until December 15, 2011, and should be booked latest by July 13, 2011 midnight, from the respective city of departure.

The Air Canada said that the customers can avail this offer when they book from the following cities, which includes Chicago, New York, Boston, Moncton, Halifax, Toronto, Montreal, Toronto City, Ottawa, St. Johns, Quebec, and Thunder Bay.

 Air Canada is the largest full-service airline in Canada. The airline provides flight services in Canada, the Canada-US transborder market and to over 170 destinations around the world serving over 32 million customers annually.

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UK carrier 'bmi' Extends flight services to Amritsar

by 8. July 2011 06:30
Leading UK carrier British Midland International or 'bmi' recently announced that it will be launching three-times-weekly flight services to Amritsar from October 13, 2011.

The airline said that it has decided to extend its existing flight services between London and Almaty to Amritsar.

Amritsar is a historic city in the Indian State of Punjab. The city is home to the famous Sikh shrine Golden Temple, better known as Sri Harmandir Sahib.

Joerg Hennemann, Chief Commercial Officer of bmi, described Amritsar as one of the most fascinating and ancient cities of India, and a famous cultural and spiritual center of the Sikh religion. He said that with the start of the direct flight services from London the customers will now get a chance to explore this vibrant city.

Currently, the city of Amritsar will be the bmi’s only destination in India. However, in the past bmi operated direct flight services to Mumbai, but has since been discontinued for quite some time now.

The airline is presently using a Boeing 757 on the London-Almaty route. Now, bmi is planning to deploy an Airbus A330 on the London-Almaty route, which will be configured with 196 Economy Class seats and 36 Business Class seats. The airline further said that it will be serving Kyrgyzstan capital Bishkek with a smaller A320 via Baku.

The bmi is the 2nd largest airline operating out of London Heathrow and provides flight services in Europe, the UK, Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia.

Flight Schedule:

London Heathrow – Almaty – Amritsar

BD991 LHR 0955 – 2320 ALA 0010+1 – 0245+1 ATQ 332 146

BD992 ATQ 0410 – 0745 ALA 0845 – 1050 LHR 332 257

London Heathrow – Baku – Bishkek

BD927 LHR 1320 – 2245 GYD 2335 – 0435+1 FRU 321 146

BD926 FRU 0925 – 1055 GYD 1140 – 1405 LHR 321 257

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American Airlines, Airberlin codeshare agreement expanded

by 7. July 2011 11:20
American Airlines recently announced that it has expanded its codeshare agreement with Germany’s second largest carrier airberlin. The codeshare agreement will now include airberlin’s new New York JFK – Berlin-Tegel route in the US network.

With the addition of the new route, the codeshare agreement will now be covering the entire US network of airberlin. The flight services on the new route will now be operated four times-weekly, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Ulf Huttmeyer, Chief Financial Officer of airberlin, said that the airline considers US to be an increasingly significant market, with 26 weekly nonstop flights from the two German hubs, Berlin and Dusseldorf. Now that airberlin has entered into a new codeshare agreement with American Airlines, its positiothn in the growing US market will be further strengened. The agreement will also allow airberlin’s customers to extensively benefit from the use of American Airlines network. He also said that the airberlin will further expand its partnership with American Airlines and sign more codeshare agreements in future as well.  

Ever since November 2010, American Airlines and airberlin are into codeshare agreement on several US domestic, intra-European and trans-Atlantic flights. The American Airlines said that it recently entered into codesharing on airberlin flights in Dusseldorf and berlin, Miami and Dusseldorf, and Fort Myers, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The airberlin, on the other hand, said that it has also recently entered into codesharing on several American Airlines flights. The airline said that the codesharing is for flights between New York JFK and Zurich, Frankfurt and Dallas/Fort Worth, besides many US domestic flights via its hubs at New York JFK, Miami and Los Angeles.

The American Airlines and its oneworld alliance partners are currently operating 9,000 daily flights to nearly 900 destinations in 145 countries. However, the American Airlines along with its subsidiaries American Eagle and AmericanConnection is operating above 3,600 daily flights on an average connecting 250 cities in 50 countries.

The airberlin is currently operating flight services to 163 destinations in 39 countries.

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