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Business Travel to Manila Philippines

by Anjeeta 15. July 2009 15:51

Manila is the political, educational and commercial capital of the Philippines. The city which is also often referred to as Metro Manila is a pulsating metropolis which is made of several smaller cities like Makati, Passay, Quezon, Caloocan and Pasig. However in spite of these glaring contrasts and inequalities, Manila today features prominently as a global outsourcing and business processing hub.

In 2006, the Philippines which has the third largest English-speaking population in the world raked in revenues of $2.1 billion from its outsourcing industry as it was ranked third behind India and China in a global outsourcing survey. It is estimated that the BPO (business process outsourcing) business in the Philippines will earn as much as US$11 billion in 2010 as it will employ more than 900,000 people. This BPO boom in the Philippines is currently being led by the demand for offshore call centers by western companies who are looking to cut costs. Manila is at the heart of the outsourcing business in the Philippines However the recent growth spurt in the outsourcing industry in the Philippines has not been fueled by the traditional low value added call centers but more high end outsourcing services like legal services, medical transcription, software development, finance and accounting, shared services and web design and animation. The Philippine government has also done its part in promoting this outsourcing industry as it has offered several fiscal and non fiscal incentives to attract foreign direct investment in this industry. Its labor quality ranked is fourth among all the Asian nations according to a survey conducted by the U.S. based Meta Group.

If you or your company requires much expensive business class travel to Manila then you might want to consider using the excellent and cost effective travel management services of the New York City based company, Fare Buzz. Fare Buzz is a leading supplier of discounted business class fares and through its exclusive contracts with more than sixty domestic and international airlines it is able to procure wholesale cheap business class flights which it then offers for sale to its clients. Booking business travel through provides savings of over 70% as compared to tickets booked through regular channels and moreover these cheap business class airline tickets come with all the perks of full priced tickets like mileage accrual and pre-assigned seats.

Traveling to Manila from the US can be a complicated affair which often involves a long haul flight with connections and long term or short term business hotel stays. Fare Buzz can easily arrange all this for you for unlike other web based travel services, the customer desk at Fare Buzz is manned by experienced ‘live' travel consultants who are on hand seven days a week to help you find the best airline business class fares and hotel deals for your complete business travel package to Manila. Additionally, these travel consultants can tailor similar packages for any worldwide destination. So if you need to travel sometime soon for business or for leisure, be sure to call the helpful and knowledgeable team at Fare Buzz at 1-888-808-4123 for all your travel needs.

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Making Your Business Travel More Cost Effective During The Current Recession

by Anjeeta 10. July 2009 12:43

The current global economic slowdown has adversely affected the bottom line of companies all over the world. A direct result of this has been the introduction of various cost cutting measures like freezing of pay and forced unpaid vacations. Business travel which has been on the decline lately has been one of the first areas where companies have tried to trim expenditure through various different measures like better management of travel and more stringent reporting of expenses. It's not just large companies that are instituting these measures even small companies, which generally account for 70% of air travel spending in the U.S., are cutting back and closely regulating travel expenses.

However many companies also realize in this era of globalization they can't really afford to entirely do away with face to face meetings that are conducted via business travel more so if their business competitors are continuing to carry out these meetings. Moreover companies which are based in the western hemisphere are also cognizant of the fact, that Asian economies like China and India have grown to become major economic powerhouses during the last decade. This has necessitated the setting up of regional and global offices of a parent company which is head quartered in the west. While daily communications between the parent company and its regional or global branches can be effectively managed via technologies such as video conferencing, relationship building which is often believed to be the cornerstone of business success can only be achieved by face to face meetings.

With the trimming of business travel budgets in the current scenario the onus of the effective management of business travel has fallen on the in house travel department of a company which usually makes all the business travel arrangements for its executives. These travel departments now have to streamline their processes so that they are able to procure the best deals for their executives. They have to their utmost to ensure that these executives continue to travel for business in the manner that they are accustomed to and not be forced to downgrade either their airline cabin or hotel choices, especially when this travel for business involves long haul flights across continents.

The Internet is peppered with various travel websites who all claim to have the ‘best' fares available but when business travel involves long haul travel and distances, these in house company travel departments have a better chance of securing the best business class fares while working in tandem with a supplier of discounted business class fares like the New York City based, travel management company Fare Buzz.

International itineraries often tend to be extremely complicated and while travel websites might offer quotes for specific routes they are not really able to give their clients the complete range of options that are available to them. Fare Buzz, unlike these run of the mill travel websites is equipped with a customer service desk which is manned by manned by experienced ‘live' travel consultants who are on hand seven days a week to help you find the best airline business class fares, hotel and car rental deals for any destination in the world and thus it can help you procure the most cost effective and complete business travel package.

Moreover Fare Buzz can also help tailor vacation packages to meet the incentive business travel needs of various companies. Incentive travel is usually used to ‘award' an employee for a job well done and it is considered to be extremely essential for the maintenance of employee morale. With its exclusive relationship with a wide network of more than 100,000 diverse hotel properties and its contacts with more than sixty domestic and international airlines, Fare Buzz can easily customize a complete vacation package at discounted rates which can then be used for to meet the incentive business travel needs of a company.

So if you are currently looking for a way to work within the boundaries of a restrictive travel budget, why don't you give Fare Buzz a call at 1-888-808-4123 and see what it's helpful and knowledgeable travel management team has for you. I have no doubt that you will be quite pleasantly surprised.

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