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Warren, Thank you tremendously for all of your wonderful assistance with scheduling this flight; you were patient, thorough, kind, knowledgeable, professional and timely. This flight is for my brother in Florida, who recently lost his wife (quite unexpectedly); he sends his sincere appreciation as well.
- Debra Coleman

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Business Travel Management

Effective business travel management is a complex affair which requires companies to fully understand the rapidly changing dynamics of the business travel industry and its trends. Companies realize that in an increasingly globalize world, no matter how drastic the economic scenario, they can not afford to entirely do away with face to face meetings that are conducted via business travel. This becomes paramount if their business competitors are continuing to carry out these types of meetings. Additionally these interactions assume a greater importance when they involve supervision or training of employees and/or customers who are based in other states and countries While daily communications between the company headquarters and its regional or global branches can be effectively managed via modern day technologies, such as video conferencing, relationship building which is often believed to be the cornerstone of business success can only be achieved by face to face interaction.

In such a scenario the onus of effective business travel management lies entirely with the in-house travel department of the company, the business traveler themselves or an untrained administrative assistant. These travel departments or individuals now have to streamline their processes so that they are able to procure the best deals for each and every business trip. In addition they have to do their utmost to ensure that these business travelers continue to travel in the manner that they are accustomed.

This calls for a partnership with Fare Buzz Business Travel Services, a preferred business travel management company. Fare Buzz can help to effectively control travel costs and maintain the highest standards of quality for the business traveler. We negotiate the best travel deals for a business which is looking to maximize returns while decreasing expenses from its investment in business travel.

Fare Buzz constantly has a finger on the pulse of the business travel industry. We can easily offer ‘best buy’ strategies for our clients due to the exclusive relationship that it shares with over 60 domestic and international airlines and more than 100,000 worldwide hotel properties. Satisfied clients have achieved savings of nearly 30% to 40% a year in their travel budgets while using the comprehensive and efficient business travel services provided by Fare Buzz.

While travel websites might offer quotes for specific routes they are not really able to give their clients the complete range of options that are available to travel management companies like Fare Buzz Business Travel. At Fare Buzz, unlike these online travel suppliers, you are assigned a dedicated account manager with years of experience in the business travel industry. Fare Buzz Business Travel Desk is available seven days a week to help you find the best airline business class fares, hotel and car rental deals for any destination in the world.

The Internet is littered with a plethora of travel websites who all claim to have the ‘best’ fares available. However, when business travel involves long haul international flights, intricate itineraries or multiple flight destinations the companies in-house travel departments and individuals have a better chance of securing the best business class fares with Fare Buzz Business Travel Services. This will be achieved when working in tandem with a supplier of discounted business class fares like the New York City based, business travel management company, Fare Buzz.

So if you are looking to successfully manage your travel spending and optimizing its results why don’t you call Tom Ciccone at 1-800-847-1963 x 14150 and start reaping the benefits of effective business travel management today.