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The city of Berlin which is located in northeastern Germany is a city with a unique past. This vivacious city which today is the capital of the Federal Republic Germany was not so long ago a city torn apart that was divided into two distinct sections post World War II, namely East Berlin which was the capital of communist East Germany and West Berlin which was designated as the capital of West Germany. These two distinct parts of the city were further emphasized by the construction of the massive Berlin Wall which was erected by the powers to be on the East German side in 1961. This heavily guarded wall prevented any interaction between East and West Berlin and was a source of much discontent on both sides of the city. The divisive Berlin Wall was finally brought down during the German unification in 1989-1990 and today the entire city of Berlin enjoys the status of the capital city of Germany as it hosts 147 foreign embassies and diplomatic missions.

Berlin currently also occupies the position of the largest city in Germany and it is also an important European hub for rail and air transport which is visited by scores of both leisure and business travelers each year. Additionally the city of Berlin which is home to several world renowned universities, research institutes is also equipped with 175 museums, three opera houses, seven symphony orchestras and more than 130 theatres all of which contribute to make it one of the leading cultural centers on the planet. Though the division of the city hampered its economic growth for several years, Berlin today does have some significant industries like information technology pharmaceuticals, biomedical engineering, biotechnology, optoelectronics, traffic engineering, and renewable energy. Further the city in recent years has also been attracting much attention as an epicenter of creative efforts due to its burgeoning fine art and media initiatives.

Berlin may not be as prominent a city on the economic front but even then several large German companies like Siemens AG, pharmaceutical giants like Bayer Schering Pharma ,Berlin Chemie and Deutsche Bahn AG ,which is the state owned railway company have their headquarters based here while other German conglomerates like Daimler AG, Charité, Vivantes-Netzwerk für Gesundheit GmbH (medical care), Deutsche Post AG, Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (urban transport), Deutsche Telekom AG, Landesbank Berlin Holding AG, Metro AG and the Gegenbauer group also have a significant presence in the city. Moreover the city is also home to media companies like SAT1 and it also hosts several technology parks and research centers like TSB Technologiestiftung Innovationszentrum Berlin, RITTS-Projekt Berlin, Technologie-Coaching Center, BioTOP Berlin-Brandenburg, Mobilität und Verkehr Berlin-Brandenburg, and MediaCity Adlershof. Berlin’s Tegel International Airport is home to the fast growing low cost carrier, Air Berlin which has won a whole host of awards for its excellent service. Aside from these German companies, Berlin also hosts outposts of several multinational companies of which Sony Music and Universal Music are the most prominent.

The German capital is also a major magnet for conventions, conferences and meetings and the city is home to Europe’s largest convention center, the Internationales Congress Centrum(ICC) which has 80 halls and rooms and is directly linked to the adjacent Berlin Exhibition Grounds which extends over 160000 sq meters. Both these venues are equipped with state of the art conference hosting facilities. In fact the city of Berlin is equipped with a total of six convention centers in addition to 164 business and convention hotels and figures indicate the these convention centers hosted a total of 14,500 business events in 2008 which were attended by nearly 2.5 million participants. It is estimated that the majority of business travelers arrive in Berlin all year round come to the German capital for meetings (32%), conventions (16%), events (13%) and seminars (11%).

Berlin is also equipped with several business and convention hotels like the Hotel De Rome, the Regent, Westin Grand Berlin and the Grand Hotel Esplanade which provide stellar accommodations and facilities to the many business travelers who arrive at the city’s two main airports, the Tegel International Airport and Schönefeld International Airport. The city is currently constructing a new international airport at Schönefeld which will be known as the Berlin Brandenburg Airport and which be open for business in 2011. Further this premier German city is also equipped with an extensive though expensive public transport system which is made up of buses, trams, ferries, the U-Bahn (underground) and S-Bahn (commuter rail) that serve every part of the sprawling city and its surrounding areas.

As for rest and relaxation, the city is equipped with numerous restaurants, bars and cafes which serve an assortment of cuisines and Berlin is also famous for its many landmarks which are largely concentrated around the Berlin Mitte or the center of the city. These landmarks include the Brandenburg Gate, the restored Reichstag, the Holocaust Memorial and one of Europe’s most avant-garde arts district, the Auguststrasse which is home to a numerous art galleries that specialize in contemporary art.

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