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Aerial view of Cairo at nightThe Egyptian capital city of Cairo which is the largest city in Africa has a history that dates back thousands of years for the city is closely associated with seven wonders of the ancient world, the Sphinx and the pyramids which are located in the adjacent city of Giza. Both Giza and Cairo form a part of the Greater Cairo area.

Cairo is a pulsating and densely populated city which apart from being the home of the Egyptian government is also an important commercial and business center in Egypt. Cairo is home to the largest film and music industries in Arab World. In fact Cairo is home to all the film studios and film production companies in Egypt like the Egypt Productions, Misr International Films, ECU Productions, Bravo Productions who produce movies and TV shows for various countries in Africa and the Middle East. Additionally Cairo also hosts the annual Cairo International Festival every year in the month of October. This competitive film festival which is extremely well regarded by the international film fraternity was instituted in 1976 and is the oldest film festival in the Middle East. The Cairo film festival attracts a whole host of international participants and well known celebrities who travel to Cairo solely for the purpose of attending the festival.

Business Class Fares to CairoAside from film production, Cairo is also home to most of the large publishing houses in Egypt like the Modern Arab Association and the Daily News Egypt and the city is also the locale for the hugely popular and well attended the Cairo International Book Fair which is held at the fair grounds near Nasr City in January every year. The Cairo International Book Fair which draws record crowds every year is organized by the General Egyptian Book Organization, a government publishers and retailers group which is the largest publisher of books in the Arab world. This international book fair usually features vendors of books, films, DVDs and other media as well as seminars, lectures, readings and various other public access events. This book fair is usually held over three weeks and features much international participation.

However films and media are not the only industries that are based in Cairo as the city also has a vibrant and burgeoning IT sector which is concentrated in its high tech suburb of New Cairo. Some of the well known and rapidly growing IT companies located in Cairo include firms like GloSyTech, Abrinix IT Consulting, IT Worx, VertiKa and TE Data. In addition to Cairo is also home to several other industries like automobile manufacturing, real estate and construction, telecommunications, aviation, finance and banking, shipping and engineering and steel. Accordingly the city is home to the headquarters of various Egyptian companies like the Orascom Group, the Nasr Car Company, Hassan Allam Sons and Arab American Vehicles. Cairo is also favored by various multinationals like Novartis, Microsoft Egypt, Vodafone Egypt as a base for their Middle Eastern and African outposts.

Al-Azhar Mosque, Khan Al-Khalili, CairoAll this hectic economy activity has ensured that Cairo figures prominently on the business traveler’s map and the city is well equipped with many business centric hotels that cater to the various needs of the visiting international business community. The Cairo hotels which are favored by business travelers include the city’s two Four Seasons Hotel Properties namely the Four Seasons at the First Residence which is located on the West Bank of the Nile River and its flashier sibling, the Four Seasons at the Nile Plaza. Though hotels like the Conrad which is located in downtown Cairo, the JW Marriot which is located within close proximity to the tech hub of New Cairo and the Cairo Marriott which is located in the city’s elite Zamalek Island or Embassy district also feature in the list of choice business hotels.

Sphinx and Pyramid. GizaEgypt is a Islamic country and the city’s after-business hours scene is largely concentrated around the city’s many western style hotel bars like Harry’s Pub which is located in the Cario Mariott Hotel and the Sultan Bar which is housed in the gorgeous Mina House palace hotel that offers breathtaking views of the Pyramids. Other popular hotel bars in Cairo include the Pyramids Bar and Terrace at the Nile Hilton and the Revolving Restaurant Lounge which is located on the 40th floor of the Grand Hyatt Hotel. The Nile Hilton also houses a western style night club called Jackie’s Joint while Ramses Hilton is equipped with a cocktail and cigar lounge on its 36th Floor.

Almost every first time business visitor to Cairo also tries to combine a quick sight-seeing trip with work and this trip usually includes a tour of Cairo’s main world famous sights like the pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, the Islamic Art Museum, the Khan al-Khalili market which is the city’s bustling and fascinating central market, the Ibn Tulum Mosque and the Coptic museum.

Mohamed Ali Mosque, Citadel, CairoIf you need to travel to Cairo on business, your journey from the US will almost always involve a long haul flight with a possible layover in Europe though you can also choose to fly direct from New York City to Cairo on Egypt’s own national carrier, Egypt Air which is based in Cairo. However the only way that you can hope to combat the jet lag and fatigue, that is often associated with such a long haul journey is to travel in the premier cabin of a carrier that provides you with a connection to Cairo. Business class tickets from the US to Cairo, tend to cost anywhere upwards of $5000, though you can easily manage to procure cheap business class tickets for all your business class travel to Cairo by availing of the highly cost effective and efficient services of a business class travel specialist, like the New York City based travel management company, Fare Buzz.

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