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Communism ended in the country known as the Soviet Union in the early nineties. The end of communism apart from introducing the Soviets to a market economy also resulted in the restructuring of the Soviet state. This restructuring gave rise to the country known as the Russian Federation which is often simply referred to as Russia. Russia is the largest country in the world which has one of the fastest growing economies of the current age. In fact Russia is often grouped together with the other rapidly growing economies of the developing world, Brazil, India and China as it is commonly referred to as a ‘BRIC’ country, the acronym which was coined by a Goldman Sachs’ executive refers to the initials of the rapidly growing economies of the modern world. Moscow is the capital city of Russia which also functions as it’s religious, financial, and educational and transportation epicenter. This city which is located on the banks of the Moskba River is home to the World Heritage site of the Kremlin and it is also hosts the President of Russia as well as the Russian Parliament (the state Duma and the Federation Council) and the Government of Russia.

Moscow which during the communist years was associated with scarcities and shortage is now often considered to be glitzy, glamorous city believed to be full of outrageously wealthy oligarchs, opulent shopping malls that host all the global luxury brands and expensive over the top restaurants. It is estimated that city of Moscow itself possesses one of largest city economies in Europe and it contributes nearly 20% of Russian GDP.

Moscow which has often been ranked as one of the most expensive cities in the world accordingly has a growing tribe of billionaires who have been able to enrich themselves by actively participating in the city’s economy which is dominated by large industrial enterprises that operate within the city and are representative of its main industries like chemicals, food and energy production, engineering, metalworking, building materials production and defense. In keeping with its economic character , the city hosts the headquarters of some of the most well known Russian companies like the energy company Gazprom which is the largest extractor of natural gas in Russia and is also its largest company, the Mil Moscow Helicopter plant which specializes in the production of civil and military helicopters, the Cristall distillery that is known for producing various vodkas including the well known Russian brand , Stolichnaya and automotive companies like AZLK and Zavod imeni Likhachova( Zil) which produces trucks and heavy equipment as well as the Khrunichev State Space Center.

Moscow has also in recent years become a magnet for international hedge funds and investment banks like Goldman Sachs, Merill Lynch, the Pharos Financial Group which compete in Moscow’s vibrant economic environment with local firms like Renaissance Capital, Troika Dialog, and Alfa Bank. Aside from these finance companies several other multinational companies like McKinsey & Company, A. T. Kearney, BP Amoco, Alcatel, American Express International Services limited, Bang & Olufsen, Bayer AG, Baskin Robbins, Boeing Operations International Ltd, Cable and Wireless, Cadbury Confectionery, Castrol, Catepillar, Coca Cola, Delphi Automative, France Telecom and many more have operations in Moscow. This burgeoning economic activity and interaction with international business has led to Moscow being firmly entrenched as a frequently visited destination on the business traveler’s map.

Yet another important attraction for business travelers to Moscow is the city’s massive Moscow Expo Center which is located in Moscow’s western Fili district and which for over fifty years has been hosting various exhibitions and conventions on its large exhibition fair grounds. Besides the Moscow Expo center , exhibitions and conventions are also held at other venues in the city like the Olimpiyskiy Complex, the Sokolniki Culture and Exhibition Centre and the Crocus expo.

The opening up of Moscow to international business has led most international hotel chains to set up shop in the Russian capital, so the city now has a wide array of corporate hotels which can comfortably accommodate any business travel budget. Some of the most popular business hotels in Moscow are the Ritz Carlton Moscow which is located next to Red Square, the luxurious Metropol Hotel which is over a hundred years old and offers the ambience of old world Moscow, the Marriot Moscow Tverskaya which is located on the famous Moscow street of Tverskaya and offers easy access to the Kremlin, Red Square, and other famous Moscow landmarks, the Baltschug Kempinski which is located on the other side of the Moscow River and offers imperial style, old fashioned luxurious accommodations, the Novotel Moscow Center which is located near the Kremlin and the international airport and the Golden Ring Hotel which is highly favored by business travelers who appreciate its efficient business services.

Moscow is also well served by its four major airports namely the Sheremetyevo , Domodedovo, Vnukovp and Bykovo airports. The first two, Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo are international airports that handle the bulk of Moscow’s international air traffic. Further the city also has a well developed public transport system which is made up of an extensive metro system, buses, trolley buses trains and trams. Moscow has both official taxis and private taxis which ply on its roads. Public taxis in Moscow are yellow in color and display a T sign however the city also private cars which operate as taxis and its always wise to negotiate a fare with such a cab driver before embarking on a ride in a private taxi vehicle.

In addition to being the richest city in Russia, Moscow also has much to offer by the way of world-class artistic institutions like the Bolshoi Theatre, the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory and the Pushkin Museum of Fine Art which offer the business traveler a pleasant diversion away from meetings and deal making. Aside from these culturally rich institutions , Moscow is also home to several world famous landmarks like the Kremlin, the St Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square, Gorky Park and Stalin’s Seven Sisters all of which provide ample sight-seeing opportunities for the business traveler who wants to soak in some local atmosphere.

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